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NetSuite CRM+ Module: Improve Customer Service

Jul 28, 2019 | Implementations, NetSuite

Customer Relationship Management is a powerful feature set that helps teams organize the sales process and automate the sales funnel stages. The CRM technology connects a series of departments such as: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Technical Support.

Your team can view & control everything related to the client’s transactions and sales efforts such as locations, time tracking, and campaigns. Ideal for improving sales performance by sharing a global view of transactions, reports, and analytics from marketing campaigns. 

What you’ll learn:

  • NetSuite Customer Relationship Module
  • Benefits
  • Features

NetSuite Customer Relationship Management Module

NetSuite CRM software is part of the native ERP environment. It stores all of the customer’s detailed information. It blends features from various modules to ensure a complete view of the client’s interaction with your company. 

The customer relationship management module allows sales to understand client needs and manage their expectations. It also includes order management, sales performance, and partner management to guarantee total control over business relationships.

NetSuite CRM Benefits

Gain control over customer data, allowing for greater customer satisfaction. Let’s review the top benefits:

  • Improves Sales Performance: provides a complete view of leads and opportunities in the funnel. 
    • Helps verify the effectiveness of the sales strategy.
    • Provides real-time information about users such as status, key contacts, related documents, potential revenue, and status. 
    • Reduces company cost per client due to flexible automation. 
  • Measure a contact’s value: based to lead performance, you can forecast probability-based offers, weight of pending opportunities, orders and quotes.
  • Connect sales efforts: allows different perspectives depending on the role. Manage different department records for the same user without mixing information.
  • Streamline Lead-to-Cash processes: complex industries require modern strategies that help them achieve the new generation of customer’s demands. NetSuite CRM supports lead-to-cash methodology to help users build clean, organized and successful sales strategies.
  • Eliminate errors: stop tracking data in two separate platforms or ahem – Excel. Get visibility into logical data conflict such as double entries, since all data is in one place.
  • Flexible integrations: NS interface allows you to connect third-party integration to your existing software. If you are currently using a marketing automation tool that you wish to keep with, it’s possible to connect it easily with the system.

Module Features

NetSuite CRM solution is preferred by companies because of its flexible and strong interface. Let’s review the technical features that support sales efforts:

  • Customer Management: offers a complete understanding of the prospect. 
    • Creates customer records: archives all data related to the contact – from personal information to work orders.
    • Takes notes: you are able to share specific notes with your team about your relationship with the client and give quick updates.
    • Tracks customer interactions: record customer performance to evaluate its preferences, interests, and behavior.
    • Records sales history: evaluate your performance to discover trends and marketing efforts effectiveness.
    • Supports correspondence: every email that your team members send to a client or vendor will be registered. Allowing you to track the conversation as needed.
    • Records shipping information: keep track of your products’ journey to guarantee a successful delivery.
  • Sales Forecasting: real-time data on sales performance. Ideal for determining sales opportunities, potential customers and key insights to predict the company’s growth.
  • Incentive Compensation: Have full visibility of current sales incentives. Automatically calculates commissions and closed sales order flows, significantly reducing the risk of error.
  • Upsell/Cross-sell Wizard: increase e-commerce sales by promoting related products according to user search intention. Helps determine customer purchasing patterns.
  • Time Tracking & Approvals: allows you to understand the time your team spends on specific activities or projects. This facilitates the project billing process while helping to discover best practices for your sales team. It also helps determine customer demand.
  • Campaign Management: high performing sales without marketing doesn’t exist. That’s why the system helps you build, organize and track all your marketing material & campaigns. Analyze customer  information, such as:
    • Response patterns
    • Support history
    • Demographics
    • Purchasing trends

           It also helps you optimize your campaigns for better, more targeted results.

  • Email Marketing: essential to keep the client conversation going. Helps you automate massive email campaigns, target list sections to maximize open rates and create records of their performance. Facilitates audience and KPIs analysis. All emails and interactions will be archived in the contact record. 
  • Code tracking promotions: ideal to manage and control promotions. Brings the ability to set up rules and promotion specifications.
  • Reporting and Analytics: detailed analytics and custom reports to help you measure the success of your strategies. All data is provided in real-time, so you’ll never be in the dark.

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