Trajectory helps some of NetSuite’s most notable and complex customers design, setup and support their NetSuite ERP implementation. We have delivered over 200 successful NetSuite projects and have drawn on the knowledge and experience from these engagements to develop a catered project methodology to drive your NetSuite ERP project success.


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The Approach

Our approach to organizing and executing NetSuite projects is based on our complete focus on business value, collaboration with our clients and a rational approach to drive successful outcomes. Each NetSuite project stage is crafted to reflect this with tools, activities and milestones designed to drive maximum value.

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Trajectory Team, NetSuite ERP

End-to-End Implementations

We're great listeners! We can take your requirements and business processes and put them on paper to verify that what we heard is what you said. Attention to detail is one of the top skill of Trajectory Team. Then, we get down to business and plan an end-to-end solution for your success.

Trajectory Team, NetSuite ERP implementation

NetSuite SuiteSuccess & Best Practices

Sometimes you just need to get it done practically, without the bells and whistles. We'll help you determine if SuiteSuccess’ 100-day implementation is right for you and educate you on NetSuite’s ERP best practices. As a Netsuite ERP partners we are commited to bring high value enterprise management solutions.

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Continuous maintenance of a NetSuite ERP software is essential to reaping benefits from your investment, adjusting to changing business processes and staying on top of updates. Compared the NetSuite ERP cost with the value that provides, it becomes a little investion with surprising revenues. Our NetSuite solutions plans are the most flexible in the industry.

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We've got a knack for parachuting into broken implementations and realigning them, while staying price competitive. We're your team to get the job back on track, responding to tickets fast, without wasting time. Our goal is to bring Netsuite solutions and a full ERP consultation support to our clients.

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Every NetSuite ERP projects can get outdated fast. Whether it’s your business processes, workflows or customizations that need updating, our assessment team can optimize your project to reduce NetSuite ERP costs, reuse what’s workable and reimagine what needs improvement. Our enterprise management solutions take care of every side of your business and your investment.

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Let’s build something that works!   Reduce your NetSuite ERP cost by increasing it value