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When our team members are asked “What makes Trajectory a great place to work?”, the top answers include: a supportive and friendly work environment, challenging work and unparalleled teamwork.

At Trajectory, the goal is to build a dynamic team, consisting of colleagues who challenge and support each other and who grow together. At Trajectory, hard work is rewarded, personal growth is encouraged, and success is celebrated both at the team and individual levels.

If you want to be part of a multi-disciplinary team, consisting of technology consultants, developers, trainers and project managers, that help design and implement cutting-edge technology ecosystems for clients throughout North and Latin America, Trajectory could be the right fit for you.

About Trajectory

Trajectory is a boutique technology implementation consultancy focused on helping clients achieve operational improvement via technology transformation. Following a business-first, solution agnostic approach, Trajectory team members, consisting of experienced business consultants, professional project managers, and software developers, support clients and PE firms with everything from technology ecosystem design/solution selection (including OpenAir, Oracle NetSuite, Boomi, Salesforce, Shopify, etc.), technology ecosystem due diligence, blueprinting, implementation and on-going optimization support.

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NetSuite Manufacturing Module

NetSuite Manufacturing Module

The NetSuite Manufacturing module allows your team to have operations management, inventory control, work orders, and production planning in one easy-to-use system.

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Successful NetSuite Integration Guide

Successful NetSuite Integration Guide

NetSuite ERP is not a magical all-in-one IT replacement solution. Good News: developers at Oracle built flexible code to integrate with your existing business-critical apps to plug-in with ERP.

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7 Ways to Find NetSuite Support

7 Ways to Find NetSuite Support

Contacting NetSuite Support is one way to resolve problems or get answers to day-to-day questions. However, it’s not the only way to get help when you find yourself stuck.

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