Anderson Frank’s 2019 Salary Survey has shown that 68% of current NetSuite professionals hold at least one NetSuite certification. The number is even more incredible compared to last year, with an increase of 66%. So, if you are still questioning why you should go back to the academy, continue reading. 

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  • Who Should Read: NetSuite administrators, consultants, developers & users
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What you’ll learn:

  • About NetSuite certification
    • Benefits
    • Types of certification available
  • Exam questions
  • Training and Courses


About NetSuite Certification

It’s an educational initiative to teach all kinds of users the software functionality, system applications, and best practices. NS has developed its own educational resources to improve their user’s knowledge and actually turn professionals into on-demand-experts.NetSuite certification

The program covers seven different types of disciplines, based on the different main user roles involved in the platform:

  • Administrator
  • Financial User
  • ERP Consultant
  • SuiteCommerce Developer
  • SuiteCloud Developer
  • SuiteFoundation
  • SuiteAnalytics

Pro Tip: Before applying for ANY certification, you must first be approved for the SuiteFoundation exam.

Is it actually important to hold a certification?

Yes, it is. NetSuite certifications are the only trustworthy source to prove a professional has the capability to use the platform. Some ERP Partners and job offers do not require their ERP consultants to be certified. Most recruiters would prefer a certified candidate since they have proven commitment to the platform’s proper use.

Pro tip: Companies like Trajectory Inc invest in their consultants, offering internal training and ensuring only certified professionals work on top tier clients. See how you can grow your NetSuite career with us.

Benefits of being certified by NetSuite:

  • Adds credibility
  • Brings professional support
  • Access to an exclusive community of ERP professionals
  • Access to exclusive job offers and better salaries
  • Access to use the NetSuite logo for credibility
  • NetSuite ID number

Back to Anderson Frank’s survey, 68% of the NetSuite professional population hold a certification. Your chances of being chosen as a candidate decrease to almost 30% in a recruitment process if you are not certified. Also, lying about being certified is silly –  certifications have their own code and can be verified by anyone via the NS website.


What are the different certifications in NetSuite?

Exam Initial exam Allows Retakes Update Exam Refresher Exam Authorized uses
SuiteFoundation You can proudly state, “I’m a NetSuite Certified Professional.”

You can use the NS certification logo under the policy agreement.

Your company can attest to having  [X number] of certified professionals.

ERP consultant
SuiteCloud Developer
SuiteCommerce Developer
Financial User
SuiteAnalytics User


    • Some NS exams require professionals to take an update exam once a year to maintain their certification status. The update exam is related to the new features, functionality or modules NS has added during the year.
    • Every 3 to 4 years NS updates their certification exams. Some certifications required that the professional retakes the updated exam to maintain the certification. The exam must be taken during the first 12 months after it’s released.
    • The certifications that don’t require an update exam, keep their status valid for life.


FYI: If a certified professional misses a yearly update exam, the certification status would be “invalid”. To recover the certification status, the person would need to take every yearly exam missed until that moment. Also, in case you need to reschedule, you may ask to do so within 72 hours of the exam start time.


1. SuiteFoundation – 6 months of experience in NS

  • Duration: 80 minutes – 66 matching and multiple-choice questions
  • Registration cost: $250
  • Repeat fee: $150


SuiteFoundation is the mandatory certification every NetSuite consultant needs to accomplish before any other. Designed for professionals who already use NetSuite ERP, and are familiar with the concepts, modules and core features. In the SuiteFoundation Study Guide, you will find the 5 main areas this test covers: NetSuite Certification

  • User Interface
  • Standard process flows
  • Resources, Maintenance, and Data Security
  • SuiteAnalytics


General understanding questions are related to:

  • Company and user preferences
  • Relationships among users, roles and permissions
  • Features and standard modules
  • Dashboards, reports and searches
  • Standard record types and how they are structured
  • Customization options of the NetSuite user interface
  • The NetSuite product release process

How can I prepare for the SuiteFoundation exam?

NetSuite offers a sample test and support documentation for every certification. Prepare a study agenda and divide it into sections according to the main areas you need to review. Then set the deadlines. This way, you can be sure that topics are not left behind before the exam date.

There are also complementary courses you can take:

  • SuiteAnalytics
  • NetSuite essentials
  • NetSuite certification: SuiteFoundation exam preparation


Pro Tip: SuiteFoundation was created for NetSuite beginners. The required knowledge level is a minimum of 6 months experience using the system. No professional can skip the initial test, and it’s mandatory to hold this certification before attempting others.


2. Administrator – 1+ year of NS Implementation experience

  • Duration: 90 minutes – approx. 60 matching and multiple-choice questions
  • Registration fee: $250
  • Repeat fee: $150


There are 2 things to keep in mind before taking NetSuite Administrator certification:

  1. You already hold a SuiteFoundation certification
  2. You have 1+ year of experience working with robust NS implementations

NetSuite CertificationThis certification was created for NetSuite users whose daily responsibilities are related to organizing, managing and maintaining the ERP environment. Anyone interested in this certification must be able to drive an application to meet the company’s requirements and be familiar with:

  • System setup & administration
  • SuiteCloud platform
  • SuiteBuilder
  • SuiteAnalytics
  • Data security

How can I prepare for the NetSuite Administrator exam?

Review the admin study guide. Create an agenda with deadlines in order to design your own study program. Once you have finished, it’s time to test your knowledge and skills before the real exam! Complete the Test exam and verify your answers.

SuiteFoundation is the only requirement to apply for Administrator certification. However, NS recommends that users interested in taking this certification to complement their knowledge before the test with the following courses:

  • NetSuite Essentials
  • SuiteCloud
  • SuiteFlow
  • SuiteAnalytics
  • SuiteAnalytics – Advanced Searches
  • Administrator Exam Preparation


3. ERP Consultant (2+ years of experience)

  • Duration: 120 minutes – 80 multiple-choice and matching questions
  • Registration Fee: $250
  • Repeat fee: $150


The complexity of this test requires a minimum of 2 years of experience working with NetSuite (the equivalent of 2 NetSuite implementations). You are capable of determining the proper solution for company requirements, explaining the benefits and implications of the configuration options. You should know when to use scripting tools, how to modify basic ERP workflows and manage integrations.  NetSuite Certification

The main areas covered by this exam are:

  • OneWorld
  • Data Strategy
  • ERP
  • Analytics
  • Platform usage

How can I prepare for ERP consultant certification?

The trick is to read every NetSuite customer case study you find relevant. Use your Sandbox account (or Demo account if you’re a partner) to recreate the problem and the solution.

NS offers study sessions to help consultants solve their questions and teach the main subjects this test covers. Also, they recommend to take the following courses in order to clarify the thorough topics:

    • SuiteCloud
    • NetSuite Essentials
    • Financial Reports and Searches
    • Advanced Searches
    • Workflow Fundamentals
    • Financial Management


If you work for a NetSuite Partner, they also recommend a specific course for you, the NetSuite Partner Consultant Masterclass

As I said before, grab a pencil and review the ERP consultant study guide. Select the main topics you need to work on and order them in a manner of difficulty. After you finish reviewing the guide, try your best to do the sample test.


4. SuiteCommerce Developer – 2 years experience as a web developer 

  • Duration: 120 minutes – 77 matching and multiple-choice questions (support documentation can’t be used during the developer exam).
  • Registration fee: $250
  • Repeat fee (request coupon): $150


The SuiteCommerce certification requires:

  • Core background on development (2-3 years of experience)NetSuite Certification
  • 1 year of experience working with NetSuite as a developer
  • At least 2 years of experience with web development
  • 1 year working with SuiteCommerce relevant technologies

You must have the ability to build solutions according to customer needs. Knowing how to incorporate scripting, integration or workflows that are outside of the platform.

Anyone interested in this certification should have a basic knowledge of SuiteScript. Plus, the skills to implement, create and extend NS commerce apps. Also, it requires a deep understanding of how to secure, scale and perform customized solutions that interact with NetSuite.

The main topics covered by this certification are:

  • Design Fundamentals
  • SuiteCloud
  • SuiteCommerce Advanced applications
  • APIs and Services
  • Account Configuration and Set Up


The candidate should manage the following skills:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • JSON
  • SQL
  • SOAP
  • XML
  • E-commerce Fundamentals

How can I prepare for the SuiteCommerce exam?

  • Review your notes about e-commerce and SuiteCommerce in general. Remember that this certification not only validates your skills as a developer but also, as an e-commerce specialist. Go through the study guide and review the main topics and subjects covered by the exam to prepare your schedule.
  • NS recommends candidates to take the SuiteCommerce Advanced for Developers course before applying for this certification. Once you sign up,  choose between taking the exam at a Testing Center or through an online proctored system. Any digital or physical resources aren’t allowed during the exam.

How can I maintain my certification?

  • To keep your SuiteCommerce developer certification valid, you will need to take the Annual Release Maintenance quiz. This is a small test to verify you keep track of new modules, features and general updates.
  • All certified Developers must retake the exam every 3-4 years and be approved in order to maintain their certification.


5. SuiteCloud Developer I

  • The SuiteCloud Developer I certification was eliminated from NS syllabus. Now it’s called SuiteCloud Developer II. The reason why, is because the exam has been updated replacing the SuiteScript 1.0 section to SuiteScript 2.0 objectives.
  • This update won’t affect currently certificated professionals. NS has explained that there’s no need to upgrade your certification.
  • NS created a Suite Cloud Developer II DELTA exam, designed specifically for those who wish to upgrade their current certification. The DELTA exam costs $150 (the same price for retakes).


5.1. SuiteCloud Developer II

  • Duration: 120 minutes – 77 multiple-choice and matching questions
  • Registration Fee: $250
  • Repeat Fee: $150


To become a SuiteCloud developer, you’ll need to be able to map, build, test, as well as deploy solutions which are scalable, secure and reliable. It’s also expected for candidates to have a core understanding of the NS platform, you’ll require:

  • 2 years minimum of experience as a developer
  • 1 extra year working with SuiteCloud technologies.

NetSuite Certification

The following skills will definitely help:

  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • SOAP
  • XML
  • JSON
  • REST

The main subject of this exam are:

  • SuiteFlow
  • SuiteTalk
  • SuiteAnalytics
  • SuiteScript (2.0)
  • SuiteBundler
  • SuiteBuilder
  • Design Fundamentals

How can I prepare for the SuiteCloud Developer II exam?

Before starting, review the main topics the exam will cover in the study guide and create an agenda. Due to  the complexity of this exam, NS recommends candidates participate in the following courses:

  • NetSuite Essentials
  • Reports and Searches
  • Advanced Searches
  • SuiteCloud
  • Advanced Workflows
  • SuiteScript 2.0
  • Integrate Your Applications
  • SuiteCloud Developer II Exam Prep (coming soon)


NS is currently working on a specialized course and the sample exam. If you’d like, review the draft.


6. Financial User Certification – 3 months of Account. experience

  • Duration: 60 minutes – 30 matching and multiple-choice questions
  • Registration fee: $150
  • Repeat fee: $150
  • Requirements: SuiteFoundation + Approve Financial User exam


This is the ideal certification for Financial teams. As its name says it, this certification focuses on the application and understanding of accounting and financial management in NetSuite. The goal is to facilitate the knowledge related to resources, navigation, and features, covering areas such as:NetSuite Certification

  • Subsidiaries
  • Budgeting
  • Journal entries
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Expense allocations
  • Billing schedules
  • Banking and payment processing
  • Classifications and chart of accounts
  • Financial reports and KPIs
  • Period and year-end close

How can I prepare for the Financial user exam?

Before the test, check out Financial certification study guide and make a list of the main subjects the test will cover. Organize it according to the complexity of topics and create a study schedule (and don’t forget to set deadlines!). After finishing your agenda, try out the test example to verify your knowledge.

NS also recommends that you take their Financial Management course before the test in order to improve your skills.


7. SuiteAnalytics User Exam – 6 months of experience in SuiteAnalytics

  • Duration: 60 minutes – 30 matching and multiple-choice questions
  • Registration Fee: $150
  • Repeat fee: $150


In order to become a SuiteAnalytics certified user, you must master NS data structure. Reports, Financial Reports and Searches functions should be your breakfast, lunch and dinner. You must be able to pull any kind of data. It is necessary to know the main differences between every tool used and be able to customize the formats and layouts.

The ideal candidate can make suitable dashboards and have a deep understanding regarding  NS formulas, expressions and functions.

NetSuite Certification

The main areas this exam covers are:

  • Advanced Searches
  • Reports and Searches
  • Report Builder

How can I prepare for this certification?

The ideal method of preparation is to segment the areas you need to work on. Organize them according to the level of difficulty and first face hard topics. This way, you can make certain that you are ready for the exam. NS provides a Study Guide and a Sample test to prepare you for the exam. They also recommend candidates to participate in the following courses:

  • Financial Reports and Searches or Reports and Searches
  • SuiteAnalytics: Advanced Searches


NetSuite Exam Questions – How do I know where I went wrong?

Netsuite certification


NS exams are confidential, so there’s no real way to know which were correct and which were incorrect. The score is also private. In case you fail the exam, NS will send you a notification explaining the areas you should take care about.

Pro Tip: Every test has different scoring criteria – this means that even if you score above 50% on every section you may either pass or fail the exam as every section has different scoring weight.

Online, you will find plenty of websites offering NetSuite exam questions. These resources may be helpful while you are studying but they don’t reflect the reality of the test. Only the example exam NS provides for each certification is a trustworthy source.


NetSuite Training and courses

In general, NS offers different courses and resources for the professional, not only related to certifications. Before applying to take any exam, we deeply recommend that you to start one step at a time. Review the NetSuite courses catalog to discover the courses available for your professional interest.

NS, also offers live training webinars for free. Allowing professionals to gain access to tips and tricks to improve their NetSuite skills. NetSuite Partners, such as Trajectory Inc., also offer customized training services, ideal for professionals and companies with specific requirements.

Netsuite certification

What’s the best user training for NetSuite? 👉 ERP ACADEMY

As a certified NetSuite Solution Partner, our team is full of NS implementation & support veterans. That’s why we created the ERP Academy. A source for NetSuite users, where you can learn the best practices and wonderful tips straight from pro consultants.😉 When you need advanced help, feel free to reach out.

Here’s a list of the most useful posts we have, to help you get your certification:


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