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A new, better, smarter way to learn about Oracle NetSuite

In order to achieve Trajectory’s goal of fostering continuous learning amongst our clients, Trajectory has created Cognita, an e-learning platform, geared to busy professionals who want to brush up on their Oracle NetSuite knowledge on an ongoing basis.

This flexible offering allows you to take courses totally online or with regular virtual check-ins with professional Trainers.

Cognita Student

“I found the Cognita NetSuite Essentials course highly informative, engaging and easy to follow. In addition, the check-ins with the course trainer and their feedback on assignments, helped maximize the value I gained from taking the course.”

Cognita Course Participant

The right course,
the right content

Test your progress, identify your strengths and find your weaknesses. Master every aspect of NetSuite, the most popular cloud business software suite, including business accounting, ERP, CRM and eCommerce software.

Applied Learning

Complete real-world assignments and cases to apply what you have learned. Course content has been designed to empower students to quickly reach proficiency with NetSuite.

Knowledge is Power

Embrace the opportunities that come with knowledge. Did you know that 63% of tech IPOs are NetSuite customers? From startup to enterprise, anyone can master the #1 cloud ERP business software solution.

Step by Step Support

Benefit from expert training resources and support that are accessible, convenient and comprehensive. Start with the basics and gain experience at your own pace.

Certifications Preparation

Cognita offers a variety of resources to prepare students for certification exams. Companies with certified professionals experience more successful deployments and a greater return on their investment.

Cognita Program Benefits

  • Quality Course Content: Learn from training courses built based on Trajectory’s over 15 years of experience at implementing and optimizing Oracle NetSuite solutions.
  • Accountability & Trainer Support: Ensure course success by following the course schedules, completing the course exercises and learning from the feedback of experienced trainers.
  • Choose Your Own Course Pace: Learn at your own pace, take as many or as few courses as you wish, conveniently as your schedule allows.
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