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Beyond the Implementation

Implementing a cloud ERP solution is only the first step in an on-going journey of maintaining and optimizing your solution to maximize business value.

How We Help

Trajectory has successfully delivered over 100 optimization and rescue projects, by quickly jumping in and assessing what next steps should be taken and then swiftly building and executing a plan to accomplish our clients’ solution goals.

We can quickly engage and help you optimize your existing solution, or in the case of a failed implementation, we can perform an assessment and develop a rescue plan that reuses the working elements and redesigns the areas that require improvement, all while the solution is in use.

Solution Optimizations

Technology solutions are ever-evolving; there are always updates being made and improvements that can be taken advantage of in order to maximize business value derived from the solution. Trajectory Group can help assess your current state solution, provide and help you prioritize recommendations about how your solution and business processes can be optimized.

Top 3 Reasons to Optimize

Better ROI – Trajectory’s goal in solution assessment is to determine how your existing software can better support you, and which tactical and operational enhancements can help your users drive organization goals. Via best practices, we tailor cloud solutions that give you full control of your business.

Lower Implementation Costs – Trajectory makes software implementation costs more affordable and valuable by focusing on reducing the costs of recurring manual labor or frequent bug fixes. We perform user license audits and reduction recommendations, create a custom cloud solution to provide access to data, and advise on low software implementation cost approaches.

Actionable Recommendations – We start each analysis by listening to your stakeholders, which allows us to create clearly defined priorities, goals and parameters. We assess each of our recommendations against these goals, resulting in realistic, relevant proposals that are aimed at driving immediate improvements.


Troubled implementations require clear, quick and decisive actions in order to be salvaged and to become successful. Our recovery approach draws on hundreds of successful Enterprise Resource Planning and CRM solution implementations that we have delivered since 2005.

Our team understands the intricacies of delivering, testing and deploying cloud solutions. We work with you to develop a customized plan that reflects your organization’s budget and timeline constraints, and that delivers on your solution goals.



Step 1: Current State Assessment

We gain an understanding of the original solution goals and evaluate these against the current state solution. Technical challenges are identified and the current solution is evaluated. The outcome is an assessment report that outlines: the recommended solution elements to be addressed immediately, future optimization opportunities, and the budget and timeline for the required work.

Step 2: Knowledge Transfer

We work with your team to capture and understand the decisions that were made around configurations, customizations, and general system setup, to ensure we can get value out of the usable elements. Once this is done, Trajectory leads your team through a mix of demonstrations and completes a documentation exercise to ensure all the business requirements have been accurately captured.

Step 3: Planning

We adjust our approach based on your unique goals and needs. Whether the work involves picking up where someone else left off or rebuilding a process from scratch, we document what tasks will be addressed and what the future state will look like, and map out a plan of how to get there.

Step 4: Execution

Once the business requirements and action plan are approved, we proceed to completing the work to achieve the desired future state. Our goal is not only to optimize your solution, but also boost your team’s confidence in the solution in order to support solution adoption.

“If I had to do this again, I’d call Trajectory. It’s been a great partnership. They are responsive to our needs and work well with our team. They also understand our business and are almost an extension of our company.”

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Take control of your company’s path to success. Set new goals, keep moving.



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