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Efficiently Managing Rapid Growth in Record Time at Horne LLP

HORNE LLP (member of Forbes’ America’s Best Tax & Accounting Firms, 2023) is a global professional services firm that was experiencing the natural growing pains of a rapidly expanding organization. HORNE chose to migrate their global operations to NetSuite ERP in order to consolidate operations, streamline financial reporting and optimize processes – and selected Trajectory to help them achieve their technology transformation goals.

“Given the size of our organization and large scale of the project, it was only through meticulous blueprinting, effective project phasing and establishment of a collaborative client/partner project team that we were able to achieve HORNE’s ERP technology transformation.”

Chris Madison
CPA, Director of ERP Applications

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With over 2,300 team members worldwide, HORNE provides accounting and tactical consulting services to their clients. A testament to their success, HORNE has grown rapidly in recent years, mainly via the strategic acquisition of similar firms. However, aggressive growth carries cost – namely challenges with having multiple technology platforms and disjointed operational processes. Having faced obstacles in previous ERP consolidation and implementation efforts, HORNE engaged Trajectory to assist with their NetSuite ERP implementation and process standardization overhaul.


HORNE is a professional services firm founded on the cornerstone of public accounting. HORNE’s CPA heritage brings trust and discipline to their brand, offering support for audit and compliance, cybersecurity, business strategy, emergency recovery and more for clients across many industries worldwide.

Challenges & Objectives
Trajectory’s main objectives were to address the following areas:
  • Determine a system capable of centralizing financial data and processes necessary to create a transparent, collaborative environment that provides ownership to departments and supports a growing firm / client base
  • Facilitate consolidated data collection across departments and geographies
  • Reduce invoicing turnaround times
  • Streamline disparate business processes
  • Reduce invoicing turnaround times
  • Improve efficiency of Accounts Receivable aging tracking
  • Improve Month-End close efficiency
  • Introduce comprehensive training for new team members

Engagement Highlights

The implementation of the above solutions proved successful due to the power of a collaborative client/partner approach. HORNE allocated a dedicated implementation team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who had extensive business understanding and the ability to impact stakeholders. In addition to Trajectory’s clear communication, strong ‘business-first’ methodology and a focus on data migration activities from the start of the implementation, success was primarily attributed to the following:

  • Thorough Design / Blueprint Process: Trajectory took the time to understand HORNE’s business processes fully before determining technology & operational solutions.

  • Phased Implementation Approach: Given the large size of the organization and project scope, Trajectory proposed a 3-phase approach to ensure implementation success:

○ Phase 1 – Core implementation with automations and integrations for Finance
Phase 2 – Implementation schedule specific to all departments
Phase 3 – Automation/Integration enhancements as required

    • Business Process Redesign & Data Migration Support: Trajectory supported the HORNE SME team in developing optimized business processes that efficiently combined business needs with minimally customized technology solutions. The solutions were appropriately designed and customized to meet HORNE’s specific business needs. In addition, the Implementation team focused on data migration as a critical workstream from the outset of the project, given its importance to overall project success.


    • Seamless On-Going Support & Training: Following the implementation, Trajectory continues to provide seamless on-going support provided by the same team members involved in the original implementation. Trajectory consultants continue to act as an extension of the HORNE team, providing them with on-going support and system optimization advice. Given the large size of HORNE, Trajectory is also providing on-going customized on-boarding and training support, utilizing Trajectory’s Cognita e-learning platform, which showcases HORNE specific NetSuite business process recordings by department and SME, that can be referenced long-term. 

    Trajectory’s experience working with complex businesses and multiple technology platforms, paired with HORNE’s knowledgeable and collaborative project team allowed for the smooth launch of the new ERP and enhanced processes. HORNE is now enjoying the following benefits:

    • Realtime reporting by department
    • Centralized easy-to-access finance performance information and reporting
    • Ability to track financial efforts from prospect-to-client and generate individual performance metrics
    • Predictive billing related to client engagements and the ability to measure uncaptured revenue opportunities
    • Enhanced Time & Expense management, complete with Approvals and mobile accessibility

    With the right ERP Partner expertise and a collaborative project team, HORNE and Trajectory have demonstrated that teamwork really can deliver outstanding results.

    Alex Olano
    Trajectory Group


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