Private Equity

Implementing ERP technology ecosystems that accelerate PortCo value creation
Private Equity | 15 September 2020
Optimizing the PE Tech Stack

What exactly is an ERP ecosystem, how can it be effectively implemented, and how can the right private equity technology stach build operational value? In this report, we will apply our decade-plus of ERP...

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Operational improvement | 03 August 2020
A Technology Partner For Operating Teams

With the increased competition in the Private Equity sector, the need for PE firms to adjust to a value-creation mindset throughout the entire investment life cycle is a strategic imperative.

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ERP | 13 July 2020
Operational improvement: A PE Roadmap to ERP

When it comes to creating operational value for a portfolio company (PortCo), few technology improvements can be as efficient & effective as a cloud ERP system.

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