Vlad Olano, Trajectory Consulting

Vlad Olano

CTO Toronto

Vlad is the VP of the ‘On Demand Services’ team at Trajectory Inc. His role at Trajectory is a balanced mixture of entrepreneurial creativity and well-heeled business acumen. He brings over 9 years of experience in planning, implementing and managing the IT department. Vlad’s passion for technology guarantees that Trajectory remains on the cutting-edge. He is well versed with multiple programming languages and has a mastery of development platforms that are frequently found among Trajectory Inc.’s customers.
Prior to joining Trajectory, Vlad built up a fast growing ERP consulting firm in his home city of Bogotá. He attributes his success to directing projects that consistently delivered measurable business value, and to his team’s genuine commitment to its clients.

When not seeking ways to leverage new technologies for business, Vlad enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.