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What is NetSuite?

Oracle NetSuite’s Senior Marketing Director for EMEA David Turner explains. Learn what is NetSuite ERP about and the basic tricks to improve your team performance WATCH NOW

Boomi Video

Boomi NetSuite helps your business integrate existing applications in your IT ecosystem to help better control business operations. WATCH NOW

CIO Review

Trajectory’s CEO tells us how meticulous cutover implementation is the key. Get to know our team leader and learn from his ERP experiences and evolution. The greatest advice from a top NetSuite ERP specialist. READ MORE

From QuickBooks to Cloud Financials

Want to improve your business revenues? Learn how an integrated cloud ERP system can definitely help your finance team become active in driving strategy and execution. Stop wasting time and energy, and take full control of your cloud ERP system. READ MORE

The Model of A Successful ERP Data Migration

Determinate how during a cloud ERP system implementation, successful data migration can mean the difference between doors open and costly delays. Avoid headaches and get to know the best practices and professional advice. Optimize your ERP implementation and start enjoying the benefits! READ MORE
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