MEET THE TEAM: Imran can be Found on the ski slopes in winter and Europe trotting in summer

Imran Selimkhanov, Trajectory Consulting

Imran Selimkhanov

Business Relations - Private Equity Toronto

Imran is the Business Relations manager at Trajectory Inc. His primary goal is to educate PE operational teams to the benefits of NetSuite for Private Equity portfolios. He is an experienced professional with a plethora of creative ideas on how to make something better, he’s that guy who organizes the team to produce wonderful products and experiences. He has lead multidisciplinary teams from all over the world and has managed varied digital marketing and eCommerce projects. He manages a portfolio of NetSuite customers on a day to day basis. He gets immense satisfaction in keeping his clients happy through effective project execution and product development. He has experience in optimizing the project life cycle and end-to-end business operations by leveraging the best practical practices.


Outside of work Imran can be found on the ski slopes in winter and Europe trotting in the summer.


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