THE APPROACH Trajectory is one of NetSuite’s top implementation partners. Since 2005, our NetSuite Consultants have helped the most notable and complex customers to design, implement and support their NetSuite solutions. Helping over 200 customers across 8 major industries achieve their goals, by delivering on what we promise, 100% of the time.

We are owner operated and believe in transparent management to get things done quickly and with consistency from day one to delivery. Our delivery method, data migration planning, collaborative workshops, team composition, and open reporting ensure optimum transparency and the maximum value at every stage of your NetSuite projects. More than 50% of our customers are active referrals, and over 78% won’t let us go, securing our Expertise on Demand (EOD) services to maintain their implementations.

Getting it Right, the First Time Trajectory’s NetSuite projects methodology is driven by our key principles:

Technology and process decisions made through the lens of business value are typically the right ones. Each decision during the NetSuite project is evaluated based on how it supports your goals and delivers business value.

Measurable Business Value

Through our numerous NetSuite projects in various industries, we have developed an understanding of what does and does not work. We apply this practical knowledge to each solution element to ensure that best practices will support your real-world use of the solution.

Best Practices for the Real World

The platforms and tools we work with offer incredible technical power and innovation. Our job is to ensure that we use this technology wisely. We combine cutting-edge technological innovation with practical customization to deliver what your organization needs without reinventing the wheel.

Rational Innovation

Measuring Value from the Start

No two businesses value the same metrics, which is why it is essential for Trajectory NetSuite Consultants to set, measure and understand catered value & definition of what a successful solution looks like. Together with your team, we will establish baseline metrics to compare with the future state.

The Trajectory Methodology We’ve developed a 5-step process to ensure we remain accountable, flexible and a reliable partner in your implementation success. A Methodology crafted & consistently improved from helping over 200 customers reach their business goals with NetSuite.

  1. Engage: Our certified consultants work to understand your organizational goals and objectives and how best to meet or exceed your expectations.

  2. Understand: We conduct a thorough investigation of your business requirements to understand the unique needs of your business.

  3. Blueprint: We develop a NetSuite solution design that addresses your business needs through in-depth surveys, interviews and questionnaires.

  4. Build: NetSuite solutions are meticulously customized to adapt to your business, using industry best practices and standards, to ensure a high level of quality.

  5. Deploy: We employ a comprehensive implementation plan that includes thorough testing and training for a successful deployment. Within three months of go-live date, 85% of our customers fully adopt NetSuite.

They got us to a point where we actually had a stable, predictable version of NetSuite. They provided support, good communication, and a good working style.


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