NetSuite ERP & CRM implementation
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NetSuite ERP & CRM implementation

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There are plenty of reasons why to choose NetSuite. For companies like InterMarkets, a scalable cloud solution becomes their lifesavers, allowing them to keep track of different software in a centralized core ERP.

About the Client

Founded in 1997, Intermarkets is a privately held advertising firm based in Reston, Virginia. They specialize in creating innovative, custom solutions that help businesses reach valuable prospects and audiences through online media. As the nation’s leading independent advertising sales management services firm, they had grown to the point where they could no longer manually maintain their multiple systems including CRM, ad server, and accounting system.  At this point, they urgently needed a cloud solution.

In Need for a Centralized ERP Solution

Trajectory helped Intermarkets with the implementation of an enterprise resource planning system and data migration which provided them with a full cloud system that could handle all business activity, thereby creating a significant competitive advantage.




ERP Implementation fails mostly due to misleading information and inaccurate data. Relying on certified support becomes a requirement to guarantee a successful project implementation.

Project Highlights
  • Strategy: In order to help the client gain the most value from their new solution, the enterprise resource planning systems need to seamlessly integrate multiple functionalities and provide visibility on a variety of different business facets.
  • Process: Trajectory assisted them in implementing a Project with Salesforce CRM and ERP. We also utilized components of Dell Boomi to integrate their systems with an insertion order (IO) builder tool. This enabled data to be directly collected from an advertising server stack, providing real-time information regarding groupings of opportunities and channel buys.

During every project, our consultants become an extension of the client’s team to bring tailor support and training based on real-life scenarios.

ERP Lessons Learned

The implementation of the project enabled them to streamline the sales process and reduce redundancies between their CRM and ad server. Real-time updates about campaigns ensure that campaign actuals and results are properly billed and tracked on all projects. Through NetSuite’s billing reconciliation and invoice preparation functionality, the firm was able to significantly reduce their order-to-cash process, achieve shorter turnaround cycles, and perform accurate automated billing. Trajectory conducted the system migration without increasing overhead or workforce size.

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