NetSuite ERP implementation
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Logistics, Vessel Tracking & Monitoring


NetSuite ERP implementation

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Trajectory’s ERP consulting team was easy to work with and approachable.

Shirani de Chikera, Financial Manager | exactEarth.
About the Client

exactEarth | AIS Vessel Tracking founded in 2009. Based in Cambridge, Ontario, they leverage unique microsatellite technology to deliver vessel monitoring solutions to customers around the world. Formerly a subsidiary of a larger parent company, they were later carved out as a standalone entity.

In Need for a Centralized ERP Solution

During this process, they underwent a phased selection of integrated software solutions to support the business. At the time, sales, finance, customer service, marketing, and other departments were each using their unique software solution. The expense of carrying multiple licenses combined with the lack of collaboration and sharing between platforms was slowing down the company’s growth until they discovered Trajectory’s implementation service.




Trajectory consultants spoke our language and made sure everything was always on track without any unpleasant surprises by understanding our needs and offering expert advice on how we can best use the ERP modules.

Shirani de Chikera, Financial Manager | exactEarth.
Project Highlights
  • Strategy: With several existing software licenses running out, Trajectory had to work on a tight timeline, or risk renewing their licensing fees simply to access their data.  To ensure that the unique needs and requests of each team member were addressed, the platform required customized functionality delivered on a deadline.
  • Process: Trajectory began by working closely with them to familiarize the team with NetSuite’s capabilities and functions. From there, the next step was clarifying exactly what exactEarth’s role would be in the implementation, and what data/support they would need to provide.

We never offer anything that we can’t deliver. Our excellence is a good mix of strategy, logistics and outstanding human talent.

Alex Olano
ERP Lessons Learned

They were impressed by Trajectory’s extensive knowledge base, and their willingness to answer any questions they had regarding the system.  This support meant that, at the time of transition, their team was already comfortable with the platform. When faced with change-orders, we kept in mind the team’s concerns while keeping timeline front-of-mind and continuing to move the project forward.

Trajectory’s flexibility and responsiveness to the unique needs of multiple groups led to a successful application that was efficiently delivered before licenses ran out on the existing platforms. They have since embraced the new platform and seen great improvements in efficiency, visibility of functions, and collaboration.

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