CUSTOMIZE NETSUITE SOLUTIONS No matter how complex your application environment or integration needs, Trajectory has the technology and expertise to help.

We are experts at building integrations to support existing app/software co-existence with NetSuite and developing NetSuite solutions customizations to optimize process flows, approvals and requirements. Our objective is to build a long-term solution flexible enough to adapt to changes while supporting your business process, encouraging your company growth. We support our partners by bringing to them certify NetSuite consultants and developers.


We have provided Boomi Netsuite integration services to more than 125 organizations, consulted on and built robust integrations and worked with dozens of applications. As a top Dell Boomi Netsuite integration and consulting partner since 2005, we take both a highly technical and a rational business approach to assessing your integration needs.

We deliver the highest value in the most maintainable way using Boomi NetSuite integration connector, featuring the most up-to-date NetSuite web services integration capabilities. This allows you to focus 100% of your Boomi NetSuite integration investment on business decisions and process flows that add value to your organization, instead of data mapping transformations and complex integration coding.


Your business processes are unique and won’t always fit into turn-key solutions. We can provide you with the custom features required to run your business on NetSuite web services, from customizing forms for mobile to optimizing time and expense approvals, supply chain management, purchasing tools and more. The ideals NetSuite solutions are the one that allows your business to evolve and expand as time past by, that’s why our goal is to provide a full equipment software that empowers your company and support your team while automatize daily work.


Our certify NetSuite consultants experts ideate, design, develop and deliver each of our NetSuite solutions and ensure your team is able to support them after go-live.

Need a customization? Give us a shout!