NetSuite Close Management Software

About FloQast
FloQast is a simple to use close management software created by accountants for accountants. Integrates directly with NetSuite ERP and Excel.

Chief Financial Officer
FloQast Close Management for CFOs

Spend less time validating accounting errors, spend more time on strategic direction.

  • Dynamic tie-outs allow you to present accurate financials to the board with confidence
VP of Finance

Spend more time on strategy with the CFO and less time cleaning up the results of manual accounting.

  • Reduce turnover costs due to your newly gained high efficiency in the close process.
  • Reduce audit visits and give them an accurate and understandable online dashboard to work with.

FloQast will mold to your current financial close process, making it faster and more accurate.

  • A collaborative close checklist for your accounting team to manage
  • Decision trail of tasks & notes allows for audit peace of mind.



Increase team collaboration, efficiency, and accuracy in the close process. Decrease mundane work and the dreadful error fix cycle.

  • Integrate your Excel sheets with NetSuite ERP to automate tie outs and receive notification of any issues.
  • Have everything in one place; documents, checklists, reconciliations and review notes.
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