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Vlad Olano, Netsuite ERP consulting firm, Vice President
Vlad Olano
Vlad is Trajectory’s On Demand Services team Vice-president and creative entrepreneur. Over 9 years of experience managing the IT department, Vlad is an expert in panning and implementation. Also, he “speaks” multiple programming languages and mastery of development projects. Vlad accredit his success to his professional value of always deliver mensurable value to each company that he creates projects for and encourage team’s commitment to clients. Vlad is a tech enthusiast and enjoys to seek for trends and spend time with his family.
Vlad Olano posts
NetSuite data security
NetSuite Implementation | 12 February 2020
Oracle NetSuite Security Roles

The best way to keep data secure, organized and clean it's by reviewing how the information is managed in the system. We went step by step on the NetSuite user role creation process to...

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NetSuite Developer Tools - SuiteCloud
NetSuite Tools – The SuiteCloud Platform

The beauty of NetSuite in particular as an enterprise resource planning system is the number of native tools, the flexibility of coding & integrations available. SuiteCloud platform help analysts & technical developers interact with...

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Sage Software vs NetSuite ERP
ERP Comparisons | 12 May 2019
Sage Software vs NetSuite ERP

Is there a clear winner between NetSuite ERP vs Sage Software, or are they meant for different business types? We review what each business management system does, features and price to make a recommendation...

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Help button
NetSuite Support | 26 February 2019
7 Ways to Find NetSuite Support

Contacting NetSuite Support is one way to resolve problems or get answers to day-to-day questions. However, it’s not the only way to get help when you find yourself stuck with NetSuite CRM or ERP...

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