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Sorosh Saberian, Netsuite project , Trajectory Consulting
Sorosh Saberian
Sorosh is a senior project manager at Trajectory Inc., he responsible for planning, execution, and implementation of strategic NetSuite projects. Integrity and honesty are Sorosh's top values. He's an effective communicator, making sure to understand client business requirements to provide solutions that simply work. Did we mention he's a fashion and Bitcoin enthusiast?
Sorosh Saberian posts
TJ Team Advice | 21 April 2018
Boring Meeting? Stop wasting your teams’ time

Snooze... Snooze... Snooze... you can only snooze so many times before starting your day later than you should - it's now 6 am and it’s go time! First thing's first, you grab your phone...

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Big Bang vs Phased ERP Implementation Strategies!

You’ve made it! You have FINALLY come across an article that explains the ins and outs of Big Bang vs. Phased ERP Implementation process. Chances are, you're about to start a big software project...

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