Pranshu Bharadwaj
Pranshu is an Account Executive & Consultant at Trajectory Inc. He is a stellar communicator, which allows him to build an instant connection with his clients and coworkers. Solving problems comes naturally to Pranshu as he is always eager about getting to the core of the issue without settling for the easier answer.

When Pranshu is not working his magic at Trajectory, he is out engaging in kickboxing as well as tasting cuisines at restaurants.
Pranshu Bharadwaj posts
Sage Software vs NetSuite ERP
ERP Comparisons | 12 May 2019
Sage Software vs NetSuite ERP

Is there a clear winner between NetSuite ERP vs Sage Software, or are they meant for different business types? We review what each business management system does, features and price to make a recommendation...

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ERP Comparisons | 16 April 2019
Microsoft Dynamics vs NetSuite ERP | Which one actually helps you grow?

Selecting an ERP is more than just analyzing features and cost, it requires an understanding of business needs, equally important is the feeling it instills in your organization.

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