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Mark Simpson, Netsuite ERP consultant, NetSuite Technical Support Specialist
Mark Simpson
Mark is constantly looking for new solutions and leading practices to deliver an optimize assistance at NetSuite projects. Mark is a certified NetSuite ERP Consultant and Business analyst. His objective is to bring a complete assistance about the system and create optimized implementation and execution of the project. Mark is not afraid of the highs and likes to enjoy a good bouldering during his free time. Also, he is studying philosophy in order to stimulate his criteria.
Mark Simpson posts
Securing Cash Flow and Simplifying Payment Cycles

For many, the headache of dealing with new administrative problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has taken time away from tackling larger business challenges. This problem is compounded by the various downstream effects...

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NetSuite Training | 19 May 2020
Master NetSuite ERP Skills | Cognita

In order to keep improving, Cognita is the first learning management platform committed to providing NetSuite content, courses, and activities to improve our team’s abilities and knowledge. The Cognita platform has training suited to administrators,...

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ERP Data Migration Best Practices

Data migration can be one of the biggest challenges when it comes to keeping your ERP implementation on time and on budget. It can be difficult to predict ahead of time how long it...

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NetSuite Implementation | 21 August 2018
The life after your NetSuite ERP Implementation – Step by step

It’s less costly to properly maintain the ERP system that you have, than to get to a point where you have to start again.

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