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Marcelo Roldan
Marcelo is a NetSuite consultant specialized in ERP implementations. His consistent focus on customer happiness and passion for business development make him a superstar solution consultant. On his free time, Marcelo enjoys classic car photography and music video production.
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NetSuite Fixed Assets
NetSuite Accounting | 09 March 2020
NetSuite Fixed Assets Module: what, how & why

The NS FAM is a SuiteApp that provides automated management of fixed assets acquisition, depreciation, revaluation, and retirement, as well as maintenance schedules and insurance. NetSuite provides an integrated solution that tracks all the...

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Blog Cover - NetSuite CSV Import, Data Migration Process
NetSuite CSV Import – ERP Data Migration Process

Be confident in how to migrate your financial data using CSVs into NetSuite. We cover the best practices along with a quick view of NetSuite's data model.

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NetSuite Quote to Cash
NetSuite ERP Modules | 05 November 2019
Quote to Cash | NetSuite Order Management System

Order Management helps keep track of your business’s selling process and impacts practically every supply chain process and operation. With NetSuite, you can build a solid sell process with management software that will easily contribute...

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ERP Academy: Essential Saved Searches for NetSuite Administrators
Cheat Sheets: Essential Saved Searches for NetSuite Admin

Remember our conversation about The life after your ERP implementation? Let’s continue on how to rock NetSuite as an Admin. I’ll guide you through Saved Searches and give you the top tips Trajectory Inc...

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Cheat Sheets: NetSuite Reports vs Saved Searches

Smart decision making starts with having understandable & meaningful data from your ERP system. NetSuite has two options to review data; Saved Search and Reports, each one of them has various uses, we'll cover...

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