Luivir Rangel
Luivir is the editor of ERP Academy and Trajectory's marketing coordinator. Holding a degree in Advertising and with a core background in ERP technologies, her specialty is research, data analysis, copywriting and SEO. When she's not preparing a new marketing study, she enjoys getting lost in the city and find new places.
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NetSuite Certification
NetSuite Certification Guide: Become a Pro

68% of the NetSuite professionals hold a certification. Your chances of being chosen as a candidate decrease to almost 30% in a recruitment process if you are not certified :(

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What Is NetSuite | 09 April 2019
What is NetSuite & Why Financial Teams Need It

“NetSuite typically allows for preferential pricing based on factors such as term/duration of use, additional modules chosen, and amount of user licenses. The Three to five years plan may appear more expensive  in the...

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