Leslie Miranda, Trajectory Consulting
Leslie Miranda
Leslie is the head of ERP NetSuite consultant team at Trajectory Inc, leadering big customers’ accounts and providing assistance in order to find key solutions to help clients customize their systems. Leslie is constantly looking to improve and boost her team to perform better. She is adept of innovative implementation and is always up to create new practices to growth the business efficiency. It’s hard to find Leslie outside of the office because she is constantly traveling and participating in sports.
Leslie Miranda posts
NetSuite General Accounting | Trajectory
NetSuite Accounting | 18 August 2019
NetSuite Accounting Module – Features Explained

Reduce month-end close, improve data accuracy & real-time reporting, minimize back-office cost - oh...and actually go home on time while its daylight. The NetSuite accounting module is the best in the industry with a...

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NetSuite Accounting | 18 September 2018
NetSuite Business Intelligence – Billing & Revenue

It is very common for businesses to invoice on a billing schedule for customers placing large orders, which might result in different amounts being recognized as accounting revenue within a given period.

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