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Kalyani Goswami, ERP Consultant, Trajectory Consulting
Kalyani Goswami
Kalyani holds an MBA in Operations and Information Management and has an extensive experience in leadership roles and business strategy thinking. At Trajectory Inc. Kalyani work as an ERP Consultant and is in charge of deliver business and technological needs. Passionate for music, Kalyani’s hobbies are dancing, cooking and travelling.
Kalyani Goswami posts
NetSuite Accounting | 10 July 2018
5 Ways You Can Manage the Auditors with NetSuite ERP system

If dealing with an annual audit feels like inviting an unwanted relative to your Thanksgiving dinner, then these simple NetSuite practices will help you keep your auditors satisfied.

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NetSuite Events | 21 January 2018
Hidden Wine Cellars & SuiteWorld18 Networking

Starting a business isn’t easy. And growing a business isn’t for the faint of heart. NetSuite provides ERP solutions that guide businesses through every step of their evolution, from first days to IPO’s and...

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