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Imran Selimkhanov, Trajectory Consulting
Imran Selimkhanov
PE Business Relations and Creative Direction at Trajectory Inc. His objective is to make clients happy by creating effective project execution and brilliant product development. He helps clients understand NetSuite Pricing and get accurate, no-nonsense quotes for licenses and professional ERP services. Imran loves seasonal activities, you can find him on the ski slopes in winter and Europe-trotting in the summer.
Imran Selimkhanov posts
NetSuite Pricing | 21 March 2019
NetSuite cost factors – how to save your ERP $$$

“NetSuite typically allows for preferential pricing based on factors such as term/duration of use, additional modules chosen, and amount of user licenses. The Three to five years plan may appear more expensive  in the...

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A Guide to Selecting
NetSuite Implementation | 21 February 2018
A Guide to Selecting a NetSuite Consultant Implementation Partner

A good Barbershop/stylist is something everyone needs - with SO MUCH choice you'd think that it's easy to find a solid performer, yet so few are able to actually perform the art of styling...

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