NetSuite Customers

Corel Corporation Draws Powerful Change from Simplification:

Trajectory’s customized Enterprise Management Solutions drastically increase operations visibility.

COREL CORPORATION is a leading global software company with over 100 million users. Based in Ottawa, Canada, they provide full-featured, easy-to-use productivity, graphics, and digital imaging software.

Corel faced a number of challenges as they approached the necessary replacement of their original legacy enterprise management system. They wanted to simplify how it managed finances, but with numerous business lines and global vendors spanning multiple countries. The ability to operate in different currencies, comply with international tax laws, and produce accurate reporting was paramount. Additionally, they needed a cloud solution that would display up-to-the-minute inventory and prices for resellers.



ERP SOLUTION Local and global reporting updated in real-time.



While they had considered upgrading the current system, licensing costs would have equaled the cost of implementation. Additionally, the legacy system would have required two to three years to roll out, while NetSuite could be implemented in less than 8 months. They chose Trajectory for the implementation, given our reputation for supporting global companies operating in multiple currencies. Our strategy for this NetSuite customer was simple: Combine all instances into a single database that updates in real-time, while providing room to customize currency and market details.



Trajectory combined 11 instances into a single database and replaced all of the connections with their legacy system via integration updates. We facilitated the execution of an extensive data migration plan and kept ERP implementation cost low – by empowering the Corel team to do some of the work in-house.



RESULTS Simplified platform provides ‘one version of the truth.’

By empowering their in-house team to participate in the migration, the implementation was conducted quickly and efficiently. Since the ERP platform is an easy-to-use and maintain cloud-based enterprise management solution, they were able to reduce the size of the IT team, repositioning key team members to manage the ERP platform instead. In simplifying the processes that their legacy result had complicated, they gained greater visibility into their data, improving their forecasting.

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