As a Trajectory team player you will learn all about enterprise resourcing planning and receive personal Netsuite training so you can master the system!
Trajectory is the leading 100% owner operated NetSuite partners organization. Since 2005, we have delivered NetSuite professional services, helping hundreds of companies improve operational efficiency and increase stakeholder value through a mix of hands-on business consulting and the right technology with NetSuite solutions.

Every NetSuite project we receive is rigorously evaluated, and it's important to us that we invest time in getting to know our client, their working team and the company itself. This means that when we come up with a solution, we are sure that it will be a perfect fit for your company. Our aim is always to deliver tools that will increase company production whilst reducing work team requirements.

We believe in people's abilities to find solutions and connect with others. That's why even though our market focus is on tech and IT, we like to offer a human touch to our customers. Our passion for our customers is the 'special sauce' that we add to every NetSuite project we work on to make every ERP user experience a memorable one.

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We are always on the lookout for bright stars to help us deliver NetSuite professional services! Regardless of whether you specialize in advertising or software developing, everyone is welcome as long as you have what it takes: commitment, team spirit and passion for what you do. Take a look at our available positions or write to us if you can't find one that suits you. We are always open to new ideas, let us know what you can do!

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