About Boomi
The Dell Boomi NetSuite integration helps your team reach true digital transformation by integrating NetSuite with your existing business critical apps such as SalesForce, eCommerce platforms, and marketing automation like HubSpot. Boomi allows for the creation of robust integrations that are easy to manage via a friendly user interface allowing you to have a connected data ecosystem.
Dell Boomi for NetSuite
Dell Boomi is a popular & reliable integration partner for NetSuite, allowing your team to piece together fragmented data from various applications and legacy systems via the Boomi Connector. Unify your sales and back-office processes and data to have a clear view of your customers' ex: having a seamless order-to-cash cycle. The Dell Boomi NetSuite integration is great to keep both the back-office and sales in sync and having a central view of your opportunities, deals, customers, vendors, contracts, eCommerce orders, product catalogs etc.
Easy to use
use easy drag-and-drop mapping tools and reusable components without the need for coding. This allows you to minimize costs on cloud based integration efforts and consistent upkeep.
Integration partners
integrate all of your applications, data sources, multiple SaaS and on-premise applications to eliminate a fragmented data environment.
Fast time to value
best practices allow for fast & reliable data mapping, error resolution, and audit trails.
Fair Pricing
On-demand “per connection” pricing
Leverage Boomi's drag-and-drop UI, and intuitive mapping tools to build robust and exceptionally fast integrations which scale with your business.
Test and deploy your integrations with a single click using Boomi’s Atom Cloud and always have peace of mind with Boomi’s industry-certified security model keeping your data safe.
Centrally manage all your cloud based integrations via Boomi's reporting portal for a unified view of the status and process details of your NetSuite and application integrations.
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