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Trajectory Blog

Welcome to our Blog. A source for insights, news and pro tips on NetSuite, the industries we serve and our own company.

Clear and Complete Understanding

The Understand phase produces the information that the entire project team will depend on to make the right decisions about the solution and approach. At Trajectory we focus on understanding and assessing the way things are done today and how we can improve them for tomorrow. We work with our clients to identify the value in processes that are currently successful and to discover the ones that are not. We use a variety of tools and methods to acquire this information, constantly collaborating with your stakeholders and clearly communicating these requirements back to you for validation, refinement and approval.



Collaborative Tools & Approach

The most important tools in reaching an understanding of your business requirements are the ability to listen carefully and to ask “why”? While we rely on various tools and techniques depending on the specific needs of the project, it is our engagement with your organization through collaboration that is most important.

We employ a range of collaborative tools and approaches that engage your stakeholders and users and guide them through their own assessment of the current state. We then capture, challenge and work together on these requirements to ensure we have the requisite depth of understanding. We focus on ways users can ‘show and tell’ requirements, allowing us to capture important information about the user experience needs. These interactive conversations are an invaluable way to improve understanding of the project on both Trajectory’s and the clients’ sides.

Knowledge Through Listening

When working to capture solution requirements, we engage the broadest range of users within your organization. We deliver customized surveys that serve to elicit common requirements as well as specifics about processes, data and interfaces.

Collaborative workshops and interviews are the underpinning of any successful requirements gathering. We work directly with stakeholders and subject matter experts, encouraging them to show and tell us requirements interactively. Surveys, one-on-one interviews, demonstrations and shadowing are also used to illuminate specific requirement details. User personas or stories are also used to define the general and specific requirements and to ensure careful attention is paid to the unique usability requirements of each user.



Experience Through Engagement

Highly technical requirements are a common component of Trajectory projects and engagements. Whether the need is integration, solution customization or the creation of new software, we aim to understand the business requirements completely and in the context of your broader business goals. Whether we are preparing to deploy a new ERP or forecasting solution, system integration or solution assessment, we rely on our proven method and the hundreds of engagements our expert consultants have completed to ensure the completeness and clarity of our understanding of your business.