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Toronto Star



Services Provided

Requirements Capture, Solution Design, NetSuite Consulting, Custom Development

Solutions Used

Sales & CRM, Feasibility Pilot, ADhere for Publishers

About The Customer

With the largest circulation and readership of any daily newspaper, the Toronto Star (the Star) is Canada’s largest newspaper. The Toronto Star sales team represents hundreds of sales professionals selling across multiple industry verticals, company sizes and media channels. They are responsible for the end-to-end advertising sales process in their print publication, from prospecting to pitching to results evaluation.


The Challenges

In September 2010, the Toronto Star began to review and re-evaluate their
sales processes and internal systems to build a stronger and more effective sales team. The Star had previously implemented CRM solutions with limited adoption or success.

In order to improve their revenue and results, The Toronto Star needed to create and enforce a standard sales methodology to replace individually developed methods that sales representatives used to manage client portfolios and advertising sales. Management required insight into key sales cycle and productivity metrics at both the sales representative and sales manager levels to reveal areas that required improvement, allow for focused engagement on behalf of management, as well as to facilitate regular compensation and performance evaluations. Management required a unified view into the sales pipeline that could be accessed from a central location, as well as a reliable and predictable sales forecast that could combine insight into representative activity/opportunity creation, incorporating their years of sales projections and results.

In addition, the Star wanted to centralize the knowledge about their prospects and customers, that resided with the individual sales representatives, in order to improve the ease and flexibility of packaging advertising products and empowering cross-channel sales of print and digital.

The Solution

  • Based on Trajectory’s evaluation and advisory services, The Star choose NetSuite’s CRM platform to become the foundation for their new and improved sales process.
  • Trajectory developed a 45-day pilot approach to help mitigate risk, build confidence and demonstrate the value in the CRM solution. Based on Trajectory’s ‘usable pilot’ approach, Trajectory was able to leverage the success of the pilot, migrating approximately 200 sales users to the fully-deployed NetSuite CRM solution in under 2 months.
  • To ensure high user adoption and a smooth transition, Trajectory worked with management and end-user focus groups to design a user interface, leveraging the latest NetSuite capabilities, to create a process driven and simple user interface.
  • Trajectory conducted training for all sales and management users, as well as providing on-site support services during the critical “go live” period.
  • Dashboards, reporting and KPIs were designed and deployed to both The Star’s end-users, sales and executive management. Effectively creating a completely centralized communication and reporting platform from all perspectives in the organization.

The Results

  • The NetSuite-powered solution has enabled management to make decisions based on solid data, real activity and forward-looking trends, all of which are essential in such a rapidly changing industry.
  • The NetSuite CRM solution deploys a sales methodology that is driving more business development and demand generation, better insight into the strength of the sales forecast and allowing management to engage with sales people at strategic “coachable” moments.
  • Executive management has visibility into the sales pipeline which allows them to adjust the sales strategy, targets and quota on a weekly basis.
  • Dashboard and reports have been created for tactical and strategic goals, minimizing loss due to neglected activities.
  • All sales data is centralized and accessed through NetSuite providing one version of the truth as the customer record contains links to all interactions with any given customer, as well as a central repository for customer proposals, insertion orders and key documents for dispute management and historical value.
  • Trajectory’s strategic use of the multi-subsidiary NetSuite OneWorld product has allowed The Star to add other business divisions to the CRM seamlessly, and with minimal incremental costs.
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