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The 7 Best NetSuite Support and Help Options (That Aren’t NetSuite Support)

Like all maturing software ecosystems, NetSuite’s help, support and training has been improving rapidly. Whether you’re looking for quick pointers, deep-dive DIY instructions or turn key delivery, the following seven ways to locate NetSuite help are sure to provide what you’re looking for.  


  1. The NetSuite Help File – It’s that unremarkable question mark logo in the top right, but what the NetSuite Help document provides is a highly sophisticated and integrated help system. Relative to the page/object you start your help search from, the help file provides specifics for the topic/subject you’re searching for as well as suggestions for related and relevant topics. This is definitely the place to start and should remain a touchstone throughout your day. Find it here (login required):


  1. SuiteAnswers – Coming in at a very close second best place to find NetSuite help is NetSuite’s SuiteAnswers. Introduced a few years ago, SuiteAnswers has become a fantastic repository of guides, training videos, NetSuite support and specific topic how-to’s. You can master new release functionality, follow curated training guides and create/manage NetSuite support cases from a single location. Check out the training section to bring your skills up a level or two. Find it here:


  1. NetSuite User Groups – Once you’re registered, the NetSuite User Groups provide a unified and universal place for NetSuite users of all stripes to ask public and private questions. Monitored by NetSuite experts (both inside and outside of the company) don’t be surprised if your question or post is responded to by founder Evan Goldberg himself. Look for highly-ranked posters with experience, and official NetSuite employees for the best NetSuite help, support and information. Find it here (login required):


  1. SUITEideas – SUITEideas is reserved for NetSuite customers only and provides insight into product enhancements. SUITEideas provides a forum for help, support and discussion around NetSuite functionality available today and upcoming. If you want to know what’s around the corner with the NetSuite product, visit your NetSuite support tab from within the application to access SUITEideas.


  1. LinkedIn and Social Media– Like all other subjects, NetSuite help can be found online through LinkedIn user groups, twitter, and other social media. Search LinkedIn Groups for NetSuite and join the largest group “NetSuite User Group” here: Don’t forget to look for your local user groups where meetings and events provide access to NetSuite help, NetSuite support and ideas.


  1. SuiteWorld – NetSuite’s annual conference is an investment and bit of a trek for those not located on the West coast, however it is the most concentrated and largest gathering for those seeking and providing NetSuite expertise. Held annually, for a relatively low cost of admission you gain access to NetSuite education and training, direct access to NetSuite’s support Gurus, as well as hundreds of partners and software providers that plug into NetSuite. The dates and locations tend to move each year so visit the SuiteWorld website for details (Trajectory is there every year!):


  1. NetSuite Partner Network – Trajectory has been a leading NetSuite solution provider partner for nearly 10 years, so of course we’re a little biased. The NetSuite partner network is your best source for highly trained and leading-edge NetSuite know-how, research, applications and integrations. And, of course, NetSuite support, NetSuite help and turn-key project delivery. Look for certified consultants and customer success statistics/references for proof of quality. Trajectory’s NetSuite consulting practice can be found here:


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