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Trajectory Blog

Welcome to our Blog. A source for insights, news and pro tips on NetSuite, the industries we serve and our own company.


Project Accounting

Our solutions focus on a real-time and automated understanding of project profitability, earned value, WIP and other key metrics, all driven by the rules your organization defines. We can show you solutions that take the headaches out of managing project profitability so that you can quickly identify and repeat the most profitable projects.


Timesheets & Approval

Timesheet management needs to be simple and easy for your employees and powerful and flexible for your management. Our timesheet management solutions allow fast and easy time capture and mapping of timesheet entry and approvals to match your unique business requirements. NetSuite’s timesheet solution allows you to manage and allocate time and cost directly to projects expediting project management and transforming project accounting into real-time processes.


Managing Expenses

Accurate and timely expense management is critical for profitable projects. Expenses must be easy to enter and connect directly with project management and project accounting. Our solutions focus on enabling better expense tracking and compliance with easy ways to capture expenses for both mobile and desktop users. The result, maximizing the accuracy and timeliness of expense reporting, improved project reporting accuracy and profitability.


Resource Planning


Effective resource management is a key step to optimizing project profit margins, improving billable utilization, retaining top talent and increasing client satisfaction. Trajectory’s solutions deliver automated resource utilization and allocation with graphic reports and help you track and allocate resources, specific or generic, based on skill sets, experience, utilization and other criteria. The solutions allow you to monitor, adjust and stay ahead of resourcing with better visibility and in-depth tracking.


Project Management


Trajectory’s project management solutions enable project managers and team members to collaborate on projects and maintain current and accurate project status at all times. Track metrics of a project including budgets, estimates, WIP, bookings, billing milestones, percentage complete and costs. In addition, the solutions allow you to set up projects using templates, view project plans via Gantt charts and tasks, record project issues down to the task level, and track the task assignment and resolution dates.


Integrated ERP, CRM & Analytics

Trajectory’s service automation solutions are fully integrated into powerful ERP/CRM and BI tools that deliver a holistic approach to managing your business. Time, expenses, tasks, billing, cases and customer relationships are all enriched by project data and presented via personalized real-time dashboards, allowing for a truly collaborative services delivery organization.

Trajectory Delivers Better Professional Services Management Solutions

Trajectory is a Professional Services organization, so when we design solutions for services companies we bring real world experiences and the best practices we use ourselves. Our solutions for Services companies are built on NetSuite because that is the solution we have trusted our business to since 2005. We work with clients to develop and define the right metrics for each unique organization and then use the key metrics and drivers to guide our thinking. Our work allows your team to maximize the inherent abilities and functions of NetSuite SRP and PSA in a way that works best for your business.

You can be sure that our solutions are right-sized for your organization and provide you with all of the tools and advantages to focus and grow.


Choose the Experts with a Proven Methodology

Trajectory’s approach follows a proven methodology to deliver individually tailored solutions for each of our clients. Working with us you can be confident in a successful project outcome as our highly qualified team applies the thousands of hours of NetSuite expertise gained working with organizations facing similar challenges. Application of our knowledge and proven methodology ensures that we develop and deploy the best possible solution that will serve your organization well now and into the future. Contact our team today so that we can start to understand your challenges and help you overcome them.


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