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Trajectory Blog

Welcome to our Blog. A source for insights, news and pro tips on NetSuite, the industries we serve and our own company.

Better Return on Investment

One sure way to improve the return on your investment in NetSuite is to get it doing more for you. This is Trajectory’s goal in each solution assessment that we undertake. We determine how your existing NetSuite ERP, CRM solutions can support you better, and how they can provide tactical and operation enhancements to help your users drive the organization toward its goals.

Lower NetSuite Costs

Trajectory can help make NetSuite more affordable and more valuable through our focus on reducing costs. We perform user license audits and reduction recommendations, create custom solutions to provide access to data without licenses, and advise on lower cost solutions and approaches.

Actionable Recommendations

We start each assessment by listening to your stakeholders and leadership, developing clearly defined priorities, goals and parameters. We assess each of our recommendations against these goals. The result, our optimization recommendations are relevant to company goals, actionable and aimed at driving immediate improvements and value.

Reduce, Reuse, Reinvent

We start to deliver better solution ROI by using three simple rules to guide us through each of our solution assessments. First, we aim to reduce complexity in the processes that drive your business. Listening to your users, reducing steps, clicks and time, all in the name of more valuable business processes. Second, we look to reuse the processes and elements in the current solution that have been successful, finding ways to augment, optimize and strengthen them. Finally, we reinvent and reimagine how these systems and processes can better support your business goals. We look to the latest best practices, functionality and learnings to deliver the most optimized solutions with the fastest time to results and the longest life.

Trajectory Provides Advice You Can Trust

When you partner with Trajectory for your solution assessment, you are partnering with a team that is completely focused on helping you be more successful with NetSuite. Within Trajectory our culture is guided by and our achievements are measured by the impact we make on our clients’ successes. We staff our assessment teams with a mix of technical, platform, industry and process analysis experts. All of them united in our proven requirements gathering and review methodology.

We are NetSuite experts, always training on the latest capabilities, and learning for each customer engagement. Our consultants are also constantly engaged with our clients, learning what works, what does not and how to make NetSuite run better. We pour all of our knowledge, experience and expertise into our optimization assessments and recommendations. We may not always recommend the adoption of the newest feature or approach, but when we do, you will know that it works in the real world.


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