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Services Provided

Requirements Gathering, Solution Design, NetSuite Consulting, advertisingERP implementation

Solutions Used

Financials & ERP, CRM,

About The Customer

Oboxmedia offers premium lifestyle content & advertising solutions.

Made up of a group of young, passionate and creative people, Oboxmedia helps develop, target and serve a unique, coveted audience: online, entertainment-conscious Canadians aged between 18 & 44 years old.

Industry-leading team of designers, programmers, editors, videographers, and photographers has a wealth of experience in digital campaign design and execution across all major publishing environments and advertising categories. These creative members of the Oboxmedia team set the conversational agenda for millions of tastemakers and their social circles.

Oboxmedia is also a dynamic, in-demand and taste-making publisher. It owns and operates a handful of influential, category-leading digital properties and is actively seeking to partner with properties that offer high-growth, multiplatform potential.

The Challenges

Obox needed a way to centralize their Ad Ops, Sales, Trafficking and Finance teams, and provide a common working environment that would allow their people to spend less time on data entry, and more time operating the business.

Prior to turning to advertisingERP and NetSuite, Obox was using a mixture of disconnected software tools and Excel to manager their business. With a flexible business model and constantly evolving products they had been unable to centralize their operations on any one platform. The manual labour and workaround required by this fragmentation made growing and scaling the business difficult, and getting a clear picture of operations nearly impossible.

The Solution

  • After leading Obox’s management team through the Solution Blueprinting process, it was determined that advertisingERP and NetSuite were the optimal choices
  • Trajectory installed and customized advertisingERP for Obox, enabling modules for Sales and IO Configuration, Ad Ops automation, 3rd party Publisher management, campaign reconciliation and billing and revenue management.
  • Obox’s item architecture, pricing rules and other key operational elements were infused with advertisingERP’s automation and integration tools, and Obox’s entire workforce was trained on the solution

The Results

  • With advertisingERP and NetSuite in place, Obox has centralized and automated the majority of its key operations, reducing the manual effort required to sell, process and deliver campaigns.
  • With greater automation and integration, Obox has been able to increase the throughput of their new business (new campaigns and creative services) without the need for additional headcount, and improved key ratios like revenue-per-campaign, campaign close-to-cash, and profit-per-campaign significantly
  • Luis Rodrigues, VP of Operations at Obox had this to say about his comapny’s experience with advertisingERP and Trajectory: ” “With advertisingERP it really allowed us to bring everything under one solution. It really offers us all the tools we need to run our operations, from the sales cycle, developing and opportunity, having visibility on our pipeline, all the way to executing the contract and billing. It is now all on one platform, in the cloud.”
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