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Nightingale Informatix



Services Provided

Optimization Assesments, Solution Design, NetSuite Consulting, Full Project Delivery

Solutions Used

Financials ERP, CRM, Custom Development, Budgeting & CPM

About The Customer

Nightingale Informatix Corporation is a software company that help physicians and healthcare organizations manage their clinical and operational requirements. Nightingale specializes in cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management solutions.


The Challenges

Prior to engaging with Trajectory, Nightingale used both Dynamics Great Plains and NetSuite to manage their business. In addition, they operated using several instances of these softwares in Canada and the United States. Nightingale faced many issues with integration due to their multi-application environment, which led to having valuable time and effort spent on manual data re-entry that was prone to human error. Trajectory’s goals were to consolidate Nightingale’s multiple applications into a single NetSuite instance and automate and streamline as many business processes as possible including: revenue recognition, invoicing, sales contract renewals and reporting. The biggest challenge for Trajectory was to support Nightingale in the process of both cleansing and migrating over 10,000 key records from the legacy system to the new instance.

The Solution

  • Nightingale decided to implement the flexible, cloud-based NetSuite OneWorld solution for their ERP system.
  • Nightingale selected Adaptive Insights to handle their financial forecasting and reporting needs in order to streamline their budgeting processes and be able to fully leverage their business intelligence.
  • An agile – build, demonstrate, feedback, revision – process was used to complete this implementation that spanned six functional areas in addition to an extensive data migration effort.

The Results

  • Nightingale has seen a more efficient and productive business since both adopting NetSuite OneWorld and Adaptive Insights, allowing them to see a real-time holistic view of their business.
  • Manual work has been reduced to free up more time for Nightingale employees to focus on analysis rather than data entry.
  • The data was successfully cleansed and migrated to the consolidated solution via a tutorial approach. Trajectory supported the Nightingale team in providing instructions and guidance on the steps to conduct the data cleansing and migration, which enabled the customer to become adept at the process while saving project budget.
  • The project was delivered on-time and on-budget by Trajectory.
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