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Trajectory Blog

Welcome to our Blog. A source for insights, news and pro tips on NetSuite, the industries we serve and our own company.

Current State Assessment

We work to quickly understand the original project and solution goals and evaluate these against the current state. Technical challenges and blockers are identified and the quality of solution elements already delivered are assessed for viability and completeness. We identify elements of the project approach that have worked well, putting a specific focus on how we can leverage your team’s strengths to get things back on track quickly. The result of this is a report that defines the solution elements to be delivered, change management opportunities and the scope and timelines of the work ahead.

Knowledge Transfer

In troubled NetSuite projects it is rarely a single point of failure responsible for the broader project challenges. For this reason, our NetSuite project takeover approach includes knowledge transfer from your outgoing project team. We focus on capturing and understanding the decisions made around configurations, customizations and setup, ensuring we are able to get value out of stable elements. We work to understand weaknesses in the plan, solution design and approach in order to remedy them. To achieve this, Trajectory leads your outgoing project team through demonstrations, produces essential documentation and oversees a smooth transition between the project teams.

Planning & Execution

Our flexible approach to planning NetSuite recovery projects reflects the goals and needs of our clients, allowing us to adjust our approach to the reality of your situation. Whether the tasks include finalizing, testing and deploying ‘phase one’ elements quickly or providing a comprehensive solution blueprint, we ensure that our approach aligns with yours. Once knowledge transfer is complete and the project plan is in place, our recovery team begins to execute on the project deliverables. Each member of the team is chosen based on their expertise and ability to deliver a NetSuite project that rebuilds your team’s confidence and delivers a successful solution.

Why NetSuite Projects Fail?

ERP projects are notoriously challenging to get right and have high double-digit failure rates to prove it. Misalignment in project teams, misunderstanding of requirements, and misjudging scope and effort can all amount to a project heading off course. Further, the reduced barriers to entry for NetSuite’s cloud ERP solutions can result in organizations undertaking implementation projects for which they are unprepared, either because they lack the internal skills and know-how to execute them correctly and/or because they have hired unqualified and inexperienced service providers with unviable plans to perform the implementations.

Every troubled NetSuite project is different, but one thing remains constant: there is always a path to success. In some cases, it is a matter of having strong leadership to bring a project across the finish line with thorough testing, effective training and go-live support. In other cases, significant process redesign, solution redevelopment or other technical obstacles must be overcome in order to proceed. In every case, we work with the realities of your project and organizational goals to develop a clear path to success.

Trust Trajectory

Troubled NetSuite implementation projects require quick, decisive, and clear actions in order to recover and become successful solutions. In building our approach to recovering and completing troubled NetSuite projects, we have drawn on the hundreds of successful NetSuite solutions delivered by Trajectory since 2005. Trajectory uses the proven elements of successful implementations as the foundation for our actions. We understand the intricacies of delivering, testing and deploying NetSuite ERP and CRM solutions. We will work with you to develop a plan that reflects your organization’s needs and that delivers.

Whether trends in your NetSuite project are starting to concern you or you have reached a roadblock, get in touch with Trajectory to talk through ideas and options for getting back on track.


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