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Trajectory Blog

Welcome to our Blog. A source for insights, news and pro tips on NetSuite, the industries we serve and our own company.

More than a Decade of Success Integrating NetSuite
NetSuite Integration is at the core of Trajectory’s business. Since 2004 we have been designing, building and supporting our client’s integration requirements on the NetSuite platform. Our NetSuite integration practice utilizes Boomi’s native NetSuite connectors, RESTful Framework and various other tools to connect Netsuite to over 200 different applications.
We have developed a library of common NetSuite integration mappings with some of the world’s most popular business applications (, ADP, Xactly etc.), and we have even built our own integration connectors to solve specific industry challenges (Ad Server integration).
No matter how complex your application environment or integration needs, Trajectory has the technology and expertise to deliver all of your NetSuite integration requirements.

Built for NetSuite

We build our NetSuite integrations using Boomi’s NetSuite integration connector. A purpose-built integration toolkit that makes the most up-to-date Netsuite capabilities available through Boomi’s integration mapping. This allows 100% of your investment in NetSuite integration to be focused on mappings, transformations and processes that add value to your organization.

RESTful Integrations

We design our NetSuite integration solutions to take advantage of NetSuite’s lightweight REST-based APIs. The RESTlet framework provides a secure, stable and fast way to integrate NetSuite objects and records with third-party applications. The framework can support any SOAP-based web services language, making it feasible and simple to integrate anything with NetSuite.

Integrating Two-Tier ERP

With two-tier ERP, enterprises can set up new global divisions and subsidiaries quickly while still leveraging existing investment in the company’s on-premise enterprise ERP solution. Trajectory seamlessly integrates data processed by NetSuite at the division or department level with Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, SAP, and other enterprise ERP systems and databases.

Focused on Value

Our promise for each of our NetSuite integration solutions is to remain focused on value, solution simplicity and reliability. Our talented, experienced and certified integration architects have delivered hundreds of integrations across dozens of systems and environments. We specialize in working with our clients to rethink and redefine their integration needs, ensuring goals are aligned and teams are focused on the right things. We develop the right data taxonomies and structures, review and revise process workflows and rules, and design solutions from the ground up.

Unparalleled NetSuite Integration Experience

Trajectory’s offers an unparalleled depth of experience designing and delivering data and process integration with the NetSuite platform. Our Technology and Integration Practice has delivered over 300 successful integration projects that span over 100 applications, and hundreds of unique business processes.


We’ve developed a unique and repeatable approach to designing integrations that ensures simple, easily maintainable integration processes that always survive upgrades in your applications. We will help you build the capabilities you need to monitor and maintain your integrations, and we will support you as your organization’s needs change.

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