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Welcome to our Blog. A source for insights, news and pro tips on NetSuite, the industries we serve and our own company.

MDM Helps You Trust Your Data
Master Data Management (MDM) provides organizations with a systematic way to organize, synchronize and standardize their data across multiple applications, locations and domains. Trajectory’s approach to MDM provides a configurable, rule-driven framework that recognizes duplicates, intelligently applies real-time recommendations to data structure and classification, and ensures that data lineage is preserved. Our MDM capabilities centre around Dell Boomi’s consolidated integration/MDM framework, allowing unlimited applications, domains and data sources to be connected, controlled and normalized from a single interface via the cloud.
Whether you’re looking to optimize the accessibility of your data within your organization, or build bulletproof data governance strategies, a cloud MDM solution from Boomi and Trajectory provides the tools to ensure that all of your organization’s data is centrally aligned and controlled.

Ensure Data Quality


Trajectory uses a flexible rules-driven MDM approach to help our clients build a unified and harmonized master data structure across all sources. Through the normalization of relationships between duplicate sources, the definition of resolution workflows and the utilization of Dell Boomi’s unique learning feature, your MDM environment is constantly improving toward delivering better data quality.

This proven multi-domain MDM approach improves operations by empowering business users with consolidated and reliable business-critical data—such as customers, products, channel partners, suppliers—and the relationships between that data. Better data empowers your applications, processes and reporting, and ensures that you can trust the information your business systems produce.

A Powerful Solution for Data Governance

Today, systems, processes and data are being added by organizations faster than ever. As applications become easier to adopt and as growth fuels the acquisition of new systems and processes, IT organizations struggle to maintain a viable data governance policy. Parallel and duplicate processes develop and data governance becomes an obstacle to users and progress, rather than an aid.

MDM solutions provide organizations with a reliable way to control the quality, format and flow of data across multiple systems, departments and domains. Helping to maintain key tenants of your organization’s data governance policy, meet regulatory requirements and support the tools and processes that the business relies on to grow and innovate.

Enrich and Augment Customer Data

Beyond controlling and normalizing your data, MDM provides an opportunity to improve and augment the data your users and applications rely on. Through the use of third-party data sources like D&B and Hoovers, social media data like LinkedIn, Facebook and Inside View, lead and customer profiles can be enriched, improving your sales organizations options and opportunities. MDM solutions provide the bi-directional and real-time integration and classification of this data to ensure the fastest time to utilization without the fear of creating another disconnected silo. Allowing your sales and marketing teams to to move quickly, leveraging the data and sources that provide them with the best chance for success.

People, Process and Technology

Master data represents an organization’s core business objects and classifications that describe overall business information. Just like your actual data, it needs to be managed, distributed and its access controlled. But most of all, it all needs to be consistent across the enterprise.

That is why it is important to establish a common set of people, processes and technologies. Trajectory works with our clients on the establishment of business processes to manage the creation, amendment and resolution of conflicts in “shared” data within each of the constituent systems. Ensuring that the people and processes contributing to your organization’s data are aligned, hence supporting data quality and consistency.

Traditional Need, Modern Tools and Approach

At Trajectory, we have been designing data structures, data quality and governance processes and integrations to support data unity for nearly a decade. The difference today? Dell Boomi’s MDM platform provides a powerful and specialized toolset to quickly master the most complex application and data environments.

Trajectory’s approach follows a methodology to enable understanding, designing and deploying complex data integration and MDM solutions for our clients. Working with us, you can be confident in a successful project outcome as our highly qualified team applies thousands of hours of Boomi and integration expertise gained through working with organizations across multiple verticals.

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