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Trajectory Blog

Welcome to our Blog. A source for insights, news and pro tips on NetSuite, the industries we serve and our own company.

Reduce Risk


We build robust, reliable, easy to monitor, and self-reporting integration solutions on the Boomi platform. We focus on designing simple processes that can survive application errors, network issues and other pitfalls to provide integration with the lowest possible risk to our clients’ operations.

ESB? MDM? EDI? We do that.

Whether you are looking to integrate applications and processes, create an enterprise service bus (ESB), migrate and unify your data in a single database with master data management (MDM), or automate your supply chain with electronic data interchange (EDI), Trajectory and Boomi can help.

Deep Boomi Integration Expertise

We offer flexible engagement options including team augmentation, proactive integration monitoring, and OnDemand Boomi consulting when you need it. Whatever your business need, you will find Trajectory’s Boomi consultants to be highly trained, skilled and knowledgable across hundreds of integration presses and applications.

Integrate your Business with Boomi Consulting Services

We have provided Boomi professional services to more than 70 organizations, consulted on and built hundreds of integrations and worked with dozens of applications. We have been a top Boomi consulting partner since 2005. Each of Trajectory’s Boomi consultants offer not only a highly technical approach to assessing your integration needs, they also apply a rational business layer to the approach. Our goal is to ensure we deliver the highest value integration in the most simplified and maintainable way possible.

Dell Boomi Partners Since 2005

Since 2005, Trajectory has been building integration solutions on the Boomi platform. Cloud to cloud, cloud to ground, data integration and MDM, EDI, we have seen it all. We have also worked with dozens of applications and their creators to improve their web services, build Boomi connectors and generally make it easier to integrate more applications in more ways. Our integration and technology practice is hyper-focused on the Boomi platform, and our consultants have never met an integration need they could not handle.

Whether you have got pre-existing Boomi integrations, are in the middle of a project or are just considering it, get in touch with Trajectory and we will tell you how we can help make your integration project more valuable.


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