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Trajectory Blog

Welcome to our Blog. A source for insights, news and pro tips on NetSuite, the industries we serve and our own company.

Powerful Business Management Solutions in the Cloud
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions have the power to help stabilize, transform and grow businesses by empowering your people with accurate data, strong process automation and operational best-practices. Trajectory’s ERP Practice incorporates NetSuite, the world’s most used cloud-based ERP system, to build powerful end-to-end business operation solutions for small-to-mid-sized businesses (SMBs).
Our NetSuite ERP solutions are aimed at delivering what our clients need to take better control of each department, implement industry-proven processes and gain a clear understanding of all aspects of operations through accurate reporting. With tools that can support and automate every business process, a centralized database for accurate reporting, and cloud infrastructure that requires no hardware and constantly delivers innovations. An ERP solution from Trajectory can help your business achieve real-time insight and enable operational excellence and innovation for the business processes you need – today and tomorrow.

Path to Success


The path to business success demands constant innovation, growth and change. Your business technology can be a big advantage, but it must keep up.

Our ERP solutions deliver industry-specific best practices built on a cloud platform that offers flexibility, scalability and speed without having to add or upgrade hardware or software. Through powerful workflow design tools, and an underlying development and customization platform, our NetSuite solutions can adapt to support your business at any stage.

Stronger Financial Processes

New revenue models, regulations and efficiency paradigms have created new expectations and pressures for modern accounting and finance departments. Trajectory has worked with over 200 finance and accounting departments to deliver powerful tools, practices and guidance to help meet these challenges.

Our NetSuite ERP solutions offer best-practice accounting workflows, fixed asset management, budgeting and automation to reduce close times and workloads. Multi-subsidiary, multi-currency and multi-book accounting, paired with automated, real-time consolidations make running the most complex businesses simpler.

Get Clarity


Your business is an information machine. Every action and transaction generates information that can be learned from, shared, and used to make better decisions. You need tools that capture, analyze, and present this information in ways you can immediately use.

An ERP solution from Trajectory provides a platform to turn this information into process improvements, automation and reporting. Making it easy for your executives, managers and employees to understand and share data in meaningful ways, and use this information to improve the way you operate every day.

Cloud ERP Meets the Needs of your Business Today and Going Forward

Why is cloud ERP so different from traditional ERP? With NetSuite’s cloud-based model, your solution is constantly upgraded with the latest tools and capabilities. Gone are the days of living with old versions to avoid upgrade costs. Instead, small incremental investments along the way ensure your ERP solution supports your company’s innovation and change. There are no costly upgrades, no hardware investments and no restrictions to the speed and scope of change. Cloud-based ERP provides your business with an affordable way to leverage business systems, just like your larger competitors.


Empowering the Small and Mid-Sized Business (SMB)

We have delivered over 150 ERP solutions for organizations across a number of industries. From our start in 2004, our focus has been enabling small-to-mid-sized business to achieve the same advantages of real-time insights and operational excellence that larger enterprises enjoy. We do this by designing and building powerful, but affordable business management solutions on NetSuite’s cloud ERP platform. By focusing on our core values that demand solutions with clear and demonstrable business benefits, and by guiding our clients to what is essential, and most valuable. With a history of success in delivering ERP solutions for the SMB, a transparent approach and a talented, experienced team, Trajectory is a natural choice when considering your next business system.


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