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Welcome to our Blog. A source for insights, news and pro tips on NetSuite, the industries we serve and our own company.

Earning Stakeholder Buy-in by Making Concepts a Reality

When it comes to a new technology initiative, whether it be an ERP solution or the latest idea for a cloud application, there is nothing more important than ensuring the whole team is on board. We can help you build momentum and buy-in from stakeholders and users with our approach to building limited functionality proof of concepts. We work to transition clients from imagining the benefits to seeing them.

Minimize Risk

As well as aligning your stakeholders and users, proof of concepts can uncover challenges and risks at a much earlier stage of the project lifecycle. This is especially true when requirements are still high level. A proof of concept can help focus the project objectives and minimize risks prior to the implementation of the full project.

Better Defined Budgets and Timelines

Feasibility pilots provide a framework for capturing project requirements, and allow both sides to understand the specifics of the requirements and future state. This understanding translates to clearer, more reliable project budgets and the ability to define project timelines. Armed with a realistic and transparent look into the project costs and timeframe, Trajectory can help you build a business case that clearly justifies your investment.

Helping You Get to the ‘Go, No Go’ Decision

While feasibility work ups and proof of concept pilots can be as broad and detailed as required, typically we work with your team to define a limited set of capabilities to be built as part of the pilot. These will generally focus on the more complex, business critical and/or newest solution concepts, which allows an opportunity to challenge and adapt the proposed future state. We define the guidelines of the pilot team and usage, the requirements and parameters for success and collaboratively develop a compelling ‘go, no go’ criteria set that makes understanding next steps clear. Once complete, we can work with your team to develop presentations to internal stakeholders, and other ‘last mile’ elements.

Ensuring the ‘Right Investment in the Right Solution’

We know that not every pilot will result in a ‘green light’, and not every solution will be feasible. This is precisely why Trajectory feasibility and proof of concept pilots are successful, because we share the same strong desire for the highest value solutions as our clients do. By taking the guess work out of how internal users and processes will react to new solutions, we can help your organization ensure that it is making the right investment in the right solution.

While not practical or possible in every engagement, in our experience and our opinion the investment made early on in a pilot pays the greatest long term dividend. If you have a project you would like to discuss piloting, get in touch with Trajectory.


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