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Trajectory Blog

Welcome to our Blog. A source for insights, news and pro tips on NetSuite, the industries we serve and our own company.

Continuous Engagement

Trajectory believes that the conditions for a successful project are established early. This is why engagement begins well before agreements are signed with members of our solution delivery team engaged with our clients from the very start. The continuity from pre-sale to project team maximizes the value of time spent with our clients and their stakeholders and helps build relationships that form the foundation of a successful project implementation.



Establishing the Vision

One of the more exciting elements of embarking on any business optimization project is the promise the future state holds. We believe that a clear understanding of your organization’s vision and goals must be established at the outset. This understanding will inform the entire project approach and ultimately determine the success of the solution.

As a part of our overall preparation for any project, we invest significant effort and time working with your organization’s leadership and stakeholders to establish the high-level vision and specific goals for the project. We capture and represent these in a roadmap document that becomes the touchstone for decisions made throughout the project. This is how Trajectory ensures that we always deliver projects that help move your business forward.

Preparing Your Team

An engaged and well prepared client team is able to work with Trajectory to transform their business vision into actionable solution deliverables. In order to prepare our client teams Trajectory provides pre-project training to those employees who will be part of defining and delivering the solution. This training focuses on providing a foundational understanding of the software’s capabilities with special focus on departmental needs. It provides context for the questions we ask during our Understanding and Blueprinting phases and empowers your team to engage and participate in the building of the future state.



Planning and Strategy Aligned

We know that any project we deliver will be a long term investment in both technology and the knowledge of how best to use it. We put great emphasis on working with your team to develop a strategic roadmap and project plan. With your stakeholders’ goals in mind, we lay out tangible milestones for the delivery of both your immediate project needs and those in the longer term.

Prior to project kick-off, we leverage our deep knowledge and experience to create project plans that are both tailored to your requirements but also take into consideration best practices from our wider industry experience. The project plan will grow in detail as the project stages progress but you will always have a clear and reliable line of sight on project deliverables, resources and timelines.

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