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Trajectory Blog

Welcome to our Blog. A source for insights, news and pro tips on NetSuite, the industries we serve and our own company.


Inventory Planning & Management

We help you run leaner operations and reduce costs by adjusting to changing customer demands and by keeping stock value down. Comprehensive tools for procurement, inventory and fulfillment including demand planning, integrated supply chain management, purchasing and vendor management, as well as procure to pay processes give you a purpose-built platform for running your business.


Production & Demand Planning

An accurate understanding of product demand is crucial information for keeping costs down and ensuring that the right inventory is on hand to fulfill changing demand. With a powerful demand planning engine, our solutions are capable of calculating demand projections that factor in historical data, sales forecasts, average trends and seasonal fluctuations.


One System for Distributors

Trajectory’s NetSuite solutions provide a single platform for distributors to use to manage all aspects of their businesses. Take control of the quote and order process with workflow approval routing, pricing and discounting. Increase customer satisfaction with self-service access to order, delivery and payment information. Unify all stakeholders with one system, providing them with clear business intelligence that they can act on.


Integrated Shipping

Trajectory’s solutions are integrated with top shipping carriers (i.e., FedEx and UPS®), allowing you to manage shipping as part of the fulfillment process. You can access shipping rates in real-time and track deliveries. Customers can access order information online, improving the quality of customer service and reducing inventory-handling costs.


Vendor Management

Understanding your suppliers historical performance is key to efficient inventory and fulfillment processes. We help you centralize and understand your suppliers fill rates, delivery and lead times, and pricing histories, building an accurate picture of your most valuable vendors. In addition, online vendor portals, procurement approval routing and automated inventory reordering contribute to better collaboration with vendors.


eCommerce for Wholesale Distributors

We offer the technology to help traditional Distributors expand their sales channels, offering direct B2B or B2C eCommerce. Password protected, database-driven omni-channel solutions help drive your customers through a customizable shopping/ordering experience. Develop your own direct-to-customer brand, or activate your retailers to order online.

Helping to Simplify the Complex World of Distributors

In order to manage the many moving parts of a distribution business, most rely on many different tools, systems and data to operate. Cobbling together numerous business applications and spreadsheets is required to manage the intricacies of your complex industry. Trajectory’s solutions are built on NetSuite’s Wholesale & Distribution platform which has helped thousands of distribution and wholesale organizations streamline on one intelligent, integrated, customizable application that unifies your business processes. Trajectory builds NetSuite solutions that can deliver all your end-to-end lifecycle business processes in one system: Market > Sell > Order > Ship > Bill > Cash Management to General Ledger > Maintain > Support > Upsell/Reorder. These solutions enable you to grow your wholesale distribution business and provide new services while increasing customer service and reducing costs.


Why Choose Trajectory as your Partner?

Trajectory has delivered successful solutions for dozens of wholesale and distribution companies at virtually all stages of development. We have learned how to help these organizations approach preparing for hyper-growth, cost reduction and efficiency and every step in between. We have developed deep industry know-how that we use in conjunction with our NetSuite expertise to leverage the NetSuite platform to support and advance how our distribution clients operate. Our methodology has been proven through and through to be sound, comprehensive, and effective in delivering projects on time and on budget. At Trajectory we strive to ensure that our clients’ needs and expectations are not only met but exceeded. Contact us today to get in touch with a Trajectory consultant for your next NetSuite project.


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