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Trajectory Blog

Welcome to our Blog. A source for insights, news and pro tips on NetSuite, the industries we serve and our own company.

Change Management

The Deploy phase is where the collaborative efforts exercised throughout the preceding project phases – engage, understand, blueprint and build – come to fruition. Effective change management is often a critical success factor for the successful roll-out and adoption of a new technology solution. Trajectory’s collaborative efforts throughout the project lifecycle pave the way for smooth solution adoption, but Trajectory also provides guidance to clients (based on our vast experience) regarding change management strategies that should be executed prior to the deployment phase of the project in order to facilitate solution adoption. In addition, as part of your implementation, Trajectory will execute a training program that fits your organization’s needs to ensure that end-users are well prepared and supported as they begin to use the new solution.



Thorough Testing

Testing is the centrepiece of the deploy phase in any Trajectory project. In the Deploy phase, we present your users, stakeholders and leadership with the opportunity to test the entire solution as it will be used. We work with your team to devise test plans and scenarios that will best represent the rigours of day-to-day use. Guided by our change capture and management process, testing will prove the solution’s readiness.

In testing our focus includes unit testing, end-to-end testing, integration testing and most importantly user acceptance testing (UAT). Based on tough testing scenarios your users will work through all aspects of the solution, capturing issues, errors or non-optimal elements. We encourage UAT users to go off script, putting the system through its paces and confirming readiness for the real world. We capture and assess changes stemming from testing, reviewing and prioritizing them for completion. With testing complete both Trajectory and our clients can be sure that the solution will perform in the most demanding scenarios.


Training for any new solution ensures that users are ready, able and have the confidence to use the functionality of the new solution to its maximum potential. For Trajectory, training is also an opportunity to promote user adoption and ‘market’ the solution to your users. We conduct our training within our clients’ actual solution environment, encouraging users to see the added benefits and capabilities. This ensures that all users are seeing the solution in training the same way they will at go-live. We will plan our training with you, integrating your trainers, resources and approach as required. Our trainers are experienced and follow an extremely ‘hands-on’ approach to training.

Based on the desired approach, Trajectory is able to deliver training on site or remotely. We typically record and edit our sessions, providing them along with the deployment. We can produce documents and other aids as required. Our promise to each of our clients is that before the solution rolls out your users are as prepared as possible to be successful.



Go Live

Solution roll-out and go-live is an exciting and stressful time. Our approach to go-live relies on tight planning, a well rehearsed sequence of tasks and responsibilities and a clear issue and change management process, all designed to ensure that this process goes smoothly. True to our promise of continuity, your project team remains assembled and are an integral part of deployment. Our experts are able to quickly and confidently deal with any challenges that arise and we always have additional resources at the ready.

While no two deployments are the same, Trajectory has led hundreds of successful solution deployments and the key to that success is always planning and coordination. We work closely with your team, the new system ‘owners’, system administrators or power users, integrating them into the roll-out process. With a well planned and phased deployment plan and tightly knit and coordinated team, we are able to lead the roll-out of our solutions to hundreds and even thousands of users wherever they are located.