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Trajectory Blog

Welcome to our Blog. A source for insights, news and pro tips on NetSuite, the industries we serve and our own company.

Take the Heavy Lifting out of Forecasting and Budgeting
Sourcing and finding data, aggregating, organizing, controlling multiple versions, report building: these are the hallmarks of budget season. While every company’s experience with budgeting is different, the constant is that it is time-consuming and puts more emphasis on gathering the information than analysis.
With Forecasting and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) from Adaptive Insights, companies can reduce their forecasting and budgeting cycle times by more than half, as well as reducing the number of instances of human error, manual data entry, and the complications associated with version control. This allows you to spend your time analyzing the data, not collecting it.

Reduce Input Time & Maximize Output

Forecasting and CPM from Adaptive Insights provides a cloud-based and real-time platform for creating, maintaining and collaborating on budgets. Your team gets familiar Excel-like functionality and a central repository for all versions old and new. Direct integration to your ERP system allows for fast and effective import of existing budgets, and comparisons to actual performance.

When your departments and teams collaborate on the budgeting process in real time, accuracy is improved, and your company budgets become something that helps drive decisions throughout the fiscal year.

“What If” You Could See Around Every Corner?

Behind every solid budget lies the ability to ask, “what if…?”. Our forecasting and CPM tools enable your departments to build flexible planning models for revenue planning, cash flow projection, sales planning, balance sheet forecasting, personnel planning and any other model you create.

Inject uncertainty, plan for any case and do it all in real-time, across all departments and while collaborating with your entire finance or budget team. CPM and forecasting from Adaptive Insights can help you see around corners and be ready for any opportunity.

Reporting  by Users, for Users

Budgeting has traditionally been the domain of the spreadsheet: flat, complex and hard to visualize. Reporting and graphing tools often require database engineers to operate. But with cloud-based CPM and Budgeting tools, it’s business users who call the shots (or at least the charts).

Our solutions provide visual analytics and data visualization tools that can be used by executives, line-of-business managers, and finance, without the help of IT. Users can create dashboards, add data and drill down into data ad hoc and do “what-if” scenarios with no programming expertise. It’s business intelligence software for business users.

See the Difference with Adaptive Insights

Cloud-based CPM and Budgeting is radically changing the way organizations budget, and the accuracy and efficiency by which they can predict outcomes. Cloud-based CPM removes the process and limitations in the traditional budgeting approach that prevented collaboration.


By providing direct and real time access to your ERP and accounting systems, our tools pull data directly into your budget models, ensuring starting data is accurate. Import legacy excel budgets, create and share budget iterations and perform “what-if” analysis on all aspects of your business. Reduce the time it takes to create, share and iterate budgets, and put the focus back on analysis, and making your business better.

Trajectory Brings Product and Reporting Expertise

Our Professional Services and Support team brings deep product expertise, best practices knowledge, and practical real-world budgeting, forecasting and reporting experience that is a real asset to our customers. We offer accounting and finance expertise, and can integrate CPM and Budgeting tools into your existing systems.

We use the same rational and scalable methodology and approach for all projects, ensuring your solution is well designed and deployed, your users are well trained and empowered and that your organization is receiving the highest possible ROI from day one.

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