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Trajectory Blog

Welcome to our Blog. A source for insights, news and pro tips on NetSuite, the industries we serve and our own company.

Comprehensive Solution Design

The Blueprinting phase is the natural extension of the Understanding phase, where the deep knowledge we have acquired is used to fuel the design of the solution. While each solution and client is unique, we always look to combine the prevailing best practices mixed equally with our own practical experience. The goal of this is to define and design a solution that delivers on each of your requirements without failing to consider usability, longevity and the inevitable changes that your business will go through.

We see the solution design and blueprinting phase as an opportunity to propose solutions, demonstrate them and challenge them in a collaborative way. Ensuring each of your stakeholders has the opportunity to consider the solution design in their own context, propose changes and push for the best possible end product. In this way, we ensure that the solutioning process is comprehensive, collaborative and always leverages the strengths of both sides for maximum advantage.



Collaborative Communication

Essential to the process of collaborative blueprinting and design is clear communication of ideas. In order to ensure that our ideas and proposed solutions are shared, we utilize real-time collaborative design tools for our requirements and solution documentation and design documents. By providing any-time access to our work, we encourage your stakeholders to review, consider and challenge our approach to each solution element. The goal is to maintain at all times clear communication of the solution with our clients.

Demonstrate & Educate

Where valuable, we provide proof-of-concept demonstrations and prototypes. These early stage prototypes help put proposed solution elements in context and provide users with a chance to explore and test the proposed solutions in a hands-on way. Where new business processes are being introduced we use demonstrations to help share information and educate users on the best practices of unfamiliar concepts. Trajectory also makes use of traditional use cases, diagrams and technical schematics in sharing solution elements. Our approach is agile and is customized to each organization’s unique requirements.



Present & Finalize

Whether the end product is a NetSuite ERP/CRM solution blueprint, a review and assessment of your current environment, a solution recommendation report or an integration design, the process that leads us to our final solution document revolves around your team. As a result, when we are ready to finalize your project blueprint there are few surprises. Instead, we focus on delivering clear and strong presentations to your organization’s management stakeholders and leadership. These presentations help distill the proposed solution to build understanding and support within your organization.

With an approved solution blueprint in hand we revisit the project planning, ensure timing, budget and resources are aligned and plan for the next steps. By the time we have finalized the blueprinting, our team of expert consultants and technicians has developed a deep understanding of your organization’s requirements, collaborated with your team on a solution that has been challenged and well vetted, and developed the relationships and support that will drive the project forward and guarantee success.