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Trajectory Blog

Welcome to our Blog. A source for insights, news and pro tips on NetSuite, the industries we serve and our own company.

 A Proven Approach for All Projects

Since 2005, Trajectory has been one of NetSuite’s most trusted implementation partners. Helping some of NetSuite’s most notable and most complex customers design, implement and support their NetSuite solutions. We have delivered over 200 successful NetSuite projects in our portfolio and we’ve drawn on the knowledge and experience from these engagements to develop our own project methodology.

Our approach to organizing and executing projects is rooted in the fundamental belief that complete focus on business value, collaboration with our clients and a rational approach to innovation are the surest ways to a successful outcome. We’ve oriented each stage in our delivery method to reflect this with tools, activities and milestones designed to drive maximum value at each project stage.

Trajectory guarantees that we will deliver on every promise we make. This is our methodology. This is how we do it.



Our Way of Doing Things

Trajectory’s project methodology is driven by our key values:

Measurable Business Value

Technology and process decisions made through the lens of business value are typically the right ones. Each decision during the project is evaluated based on how it supports your goals and business value.

Best Practices for the Real World

Through our numerous projects and various industries we have developed an understanding of what does and does not work. We apply this practical knowledge to each solution element to ensure that best practices will support your real world use of the solutions.

Rational Innovation

The platforms and tools we work with offer incredible technical power and innovation. Our job is to ensure that we use this technology wisely. We offer process reengineering suggestions that mesh cutting-edge technological innovation with practical tweaks to how your people operate, resulting in viable solutions that deliver what your organization needs without reinventing the wheel.

Measuring Value from the Start

Essential to understanding the value of each Trajectory solution or project is the ability to measure and understand its effectiveness. As part of every project we focus keenly on working with your team and stakeholders to define what will make both the solution and project successful. We work to establish baseline metrics that we will use to compare with the future state.

While no two businesses value the same things, we believe that there is always a meaningful metric to be found. Ranging from high-level comparatives like cost and spend, manual vs. automated processes, down to specifics like time to complete a task or even keystrokes required. If it is measurable and meaningful we will use it to show you the value of Trajectory’s work.


The Trajectory Methodology

Engage: Our certified consultants will work to understand your organizational goals and objectives and how best to meet or exceed your expectations.

Understand: We take a good look at your business requirements to understand the unique needs of your business.

Blueprint: Our expert consultants will work to develop a solution design that will address your business needs through in depth surveys, interviews and questionnaires.

Build: Your solution will be meticulously customized to adapt to your business using industry best practices and standards to ensure a high level of quality.

Deploy: Once the solution is ready, Trajectory employs a comprehensive implementation plan that includes thorough testing and training for a successful deployment.

Optimize: At this phase we ensure that your users and solution are well supported and that you are always in a position to manage, govern and take advantage of the newest solution capabilities.

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