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Trajectory Blog

Welcome to our Blog. A source for insights, news and pro tips on NetSuite, the industries we serve and our own company.

Integrate, Automate, and Optimize Your Business
Whether building a best-of-breed solution, connecting cloud applications, incorporating legacy systems, or improving data usage and business intelligence, system integration can make or break your application environment. The demand for faster, more complete and more accurate data across a growing number of systems is the reality for most small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The users and processes that advance your business depend on timely and reliable information to perform. It is more than just connecting applications.
Trajectory solutions for applications and data integration deliver enterprise-class solutions and a powerful platform for developing and deploying integration between all of your applications and data sources from a consolidated interface. True to our commitment to Cloud, Trajectory builds application, process, and data integration solutions that are hardware-free and deploy and deliver from the cloud. Our Integration Practice is focused on Dell’s Boomi Atomsphere integration platform, the market-leading cloud integration platform from Dell. The Boomi platform’s capabilities allow us to reimagine the approach to integration by immediately seeing beyond the technical challenges.

One Platform, Endless Connections

Dell Boomi leads the industry with pre-built API connectivity to over 200 of the leading cloud and on-premise applications, and provides complete flexibility in the data mappings between these applications. Boomi also delivers the industry’s best SDK for developing new connectors. With the complexity of the integration technology managed by Dell Boomi, we focus on designing and delivering the highest value data integrations and business workflows. This produces the fastest time-to-utility, best ROI and best value solutions possible.

Cloud-to-Cloud or Cloud-to-Ground

Cloud applications are on the rise, but legacy and on-premises applications aren’t going away. With integration solutions from Trajectory and Boomi, you can securely connect cloud applications to other cloud applications or to on-premises systems with a single platform designed for hybrid deployments. Boomi is the fastest way to integrate any combination of applications reliably and securely.

Change Happens


We build our integrations for the long-term, however change is inevitable. Boomi offers a cloud integration platform that is globally available at 99.99% uptime, spans SOA and APIs, support one-to-many scenarios and survives application end-point upgrades. Once deployed, you can reuse integration processes, copy, tweak and expand the integrations to evolve along with your company. This is integration that works when and where you need it.

Simplicity, Reliability and Value

Our promise for each of our solutions is to remain focused on value, solution simplicity and reliability. Our talented, experienced and certified integration architects have delivered hundreds of integrations across dozens of systems and environments. We specialize in working with our clients to rethink and redefine their integration needs, ensuring goals are aligned and teams are focused on the right things. We develop the right data taxonomies and structures, review and revise process workflows and rules, and design solutions from the ground up. The Dell Boomi platform supports this approach, providing us with the industry’s best tool set to build from. We always look for the simplest, most robust approach, and 2/3rds of our integration solutions go on to be monitored and maintained by our clients.

Delivering the Most Reliable and Valuable Integration Solutions

Trajectory’s approach to integration considers both the technical and informational architectures. We focus on the valuable data within applications—rather than the applications themselves— ensuring that the solutions we create empower the users, applications and processes with the data they need to be successful.

With thousands of organizations connecting their applications and data with Dell Boomi, and Trajectory’s proven methodology that has delivered successful projects to the likes of Dow Jones, Postmedia and Coca Cola, we are poised to deliver a powerful and sustainable integration solution for your business.

Whatever stage of integration your organization is at, it is worth a call with Trajectory. Get in touch with us today to start the conversation.

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