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Trajectory Blog

Welcome to our Blog. A source for insights, news and pro tips on NetSuite, the industries we serve and our own company.


Ad Server Integration


Our platform provides the tools for fast and reliable connections to all of your ad servers, networks and partners, allowing you to connect your business systems and ad technology. Our powerful and elastic database environments provide staging for the large data volumes that ad servers and networks produce, and allow you to integrate this data into your CRM, ERP or other systems.


AD Ops Efficiency


With all IO versions, campaign actuals and revenue forecasting centralized, ADhere provides AD Ops and Campaign Managers with a strong set of tools to traffic, optimize and support campaigns. With workflows and automations designed to reduce the ‘heavy lifting’ of ad operations, our solutions help you keep ad ops efficient and keep costs down.


Campaign Actuals Consolidation

Gathering, preparing and consolidating campaign actual data can be a gruelling manual task. Through our ADhere platform, we automate the aggregation of actual campaign data from your ad servers consolidating it into usable formats. We then make that data available for export or for use in billing, reporting and other functions.


Billing Automation

Trajectory solutions make reconciling and billing campaigns much faster, allowing you to significantly shorten your time to cash. We offer a simple way to compare what was sold, promised and delivered, quickly reconciling the IO with campaign actuals. Over/under-billing rules indicate where decisions and adjustments need to be made. Once reconciled and adjusted, ADhere creates the invoices in your ERP/accounting system automatically.


Integrated Sales

Trajectory’s ADhere allows your sales people to work with real time inventory availability from multiple ad servers, networks and 3rd party inventories directly from your CRM. ADhere allows salespeople to work with existing channels and quickly build new custom packages. Once a proposed IO is completed, ADhere instantly updates both your CRM and ad servers by updating opportunities and reserving inventory. Returning to updated and edited proposals is easy and versioning is tracked.


Publisher Management

We offer automation for working with your publishing partners on both the buy and bill sides of each campaign. When integrated with NetSuite or your accounting system, ADhere automatically generates purchase orders for 3rd party inventory and generates vendor bills/payments when the campaign is fulfilled. Pitch and revenue reporting for publishers makes it easy to maintain great relationships with your partners.


Based on the NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP and CRM and our own ADhere platform, Trajectory has created advertisingERP, an end-to-end Advertising Business Management platform. Leveraging NetSuite’s powerful accounting, services management, sales, customer support and reporting capabilities, Trajectory is able to provide tools for a diverse range of Publishers, Agencies, Networks and other ad businesses. ADhere connects your ad technology with your business technology, allowing NetSuite, the world’s most deployed cloud ERP and CRM platform, to work with ad data and objects naturally.

advertisingERP is a complete business management solution for Publishers and Agencies, and it’s 100% cloud.


Real World Experience

We have been providing consulting, integration and development solutions for all aspects of the advertising industry for over 7 years. We have designed and delivered solutions that have helped some of North America’s largest publishers improve the way they sell and bill print and digital advertising. We have put our experience with publishers, agencies, networks and other business into our approach to advertisingERP and ADhere. Our focus is on leveraging the tools and technologies your business already relies on, augmenting them with more complete information, better automation and simplified processes.

If you are seeking real expertise, proven technologies and the desire to help you build your business get in touch with us.


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