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Welcome to our Blog. A source for insights, news and pro tips on NetSuite, the industries we serve and our own company.

The Only End-to-End Advertising Business Management Solution – Built for NetSuite
advertisingERP is a complete advertising business management solution designed specifically for Publishers, Agencies and Networks, and built for the NetSuite ERP and CRM platform. advertisingERP integrates your advertising systems, like Ad Servers and Networks, with your NetSuite account, enabling powerful business processes, integrations and automatons that help streamline your operations. The result, a fully-integrated, end-to-end platform, purpose-built to support your advertising business.
advertisingERP is a powerful cloud hub that integrates with your Ad Servers and NetSuite, that provides real-time access to inventory availability and campaign statistics, allows users to launch campaigns directly from approved IOs, and automatically consolidates, reconciles and sends invoices, directly from NetSuite.
Our goal is simple: to provide digital publishers, networks, and ad agencies with a platform that helps them run the increasingly complex business of digital advertising with simplicity. advertisingERP removes hundreds of redundant manual activities, enables collaboration without email and spreadsheets and helps organizations do more than ever before.

Built For Netsuite

advertisingERP is designed to use 100% of NetSuite’s native elements, integrating and empowering them with data from your advertising systems. Opportunities, estimates and IOs are built with real-time ‘avails’ from your ad servers. Campaign fulfillments are informed by consolidated campaign statistics. Invoices are created from reconciled values, and reporting reflects all aspects of the transaction workflow.

The integration is seamless, real-time and built into NetSuite to create processes that are easy to use. The result is a solution that maximizes NetSuite’s powerful tools, putting them to work in ways designed to support your advertising business.

Real Collaboration

advertisingERP delivers the tools for a collaborative environment, bringing your departments together: Salespeople get simple proposal builder tools that leverage real-time inventory from multiple ad servers. Building flexible and accurate proposals that deliver the desired margins. Campaigns are launched and updated directly from the CRM, allowing Ad Ops to focus on high-value optimization activities. Your finance team has the power of an industry leading ERP platform that is updated with accurate, consolidated and reconciled campaign statistics and billing information.

Collaboration and integration like this eliminates data silos, reduces manual processes and gives your business a competitive edge.

Genuine Secure Cloud Solution

advertisingERP is the first, 100% cloud solution for running your advertising business end-to-end. It uses NetSuite, the world’s most deployed cloud ERP/CRM, to drive critical business processes including finance, fulfillment, sales and business intelligence. Ad servers integration and big data processing is built and deployed in Amazon’s AWS, the largest and most powerful elastic computing environment in the world.

advertisingERP is the only advertising business management platform that provides agencies and publishers a world-class solution that is affordable, ready for the future, and requires no software or hardware to operate.

Meticulously Designed with Advertising in Mind

In designing and building advertisingERP, we have leveraged a combined decade of experience delivering custom solutions for the advertising industry, on the NetSuite platform. Dozens of successful engagements for some of North America’s largest and most progressive publishers and agencies have provided us with insight, experience and expertise few others possess.

We focused on utilizing NetSuite’s powerful ERP and CRM tools to ensure advertisingERP would have best practices from both the advertising industry, as well as the world’s leading Cloud ERP/CRM suite. This approach guarantees that your advertising business is always running the most modern and powerful business solution possible.

Proven Experience in the Advertising Vertical

Behind advertisingERP is Trajectory’s deep experience and understanding of the advertising industry, and our focus on solving business problems for small and mid-sized businesses with NetSuite. We’ve worked with 100s of companies to understand, design and deliver solutions that drive business value.

We work with each of our clients, following our proven methodology for delivering NetSuite solutions. We look beyond the industry specific tools to build a fundamentally strong business solution that will help you deliver on your organization’s goals, and provide a flexible platform for future growth.

Many of NetSuite’s largest and most successful customers, and the adverting industry’s most notable organizations have trusted Trajectory to deliver their next business solution. Get in touch if you’re ready to take the next step.

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